My thoughts on the Democratic Party Chair race

Before I start, I just want to note that what I’m about to write is my opinion and my opinion alone. It doesn’t represent the opinion of anyone else who contributes to Blogging Blue.

As most of us know, the DPW Chair race has gotten increasingly nasty and personal in the weeks leading up to next week’s Democratic Party Convention in Milwaukee, and I’ll be the first to admit this blog – and and yours truly – has played a part in some of the nastiness and attacks. This isn’t about any one blog post or comment either – I/we have been guilty of our fair share of criticism/negative attacks in the months leading up to next week’s DPW Chair election. With the benefit of hindsight, I would have preferred for this blog to focus on only the positives each candidate would bring to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin if elected, but that didn’t happen, and the blame falls on me for that.

Truth be told, each of the five candidates for DPW Chair has undeniable strengths, and each brings a unique perspective and set of life experiences that could benefit the Democratic Party of Wisconsin if elected Chair, and for candidates or their supporters to tear each other down is counterproductive in the bigger picture. No matter who wins the DPW Chair race, there will be four folks who didn’t win whose opinions, perspective, and ideas could still be useful to our party as we try to move the party forward and regain some of what we’ve lost over the past five years of Republican control in our state.

What’s happened in the DPW Chair race has given me a lot to think about as relates to this blog and what we’re really trying to do here. I know all too well how easy it is to go on the attack, and while that may certainly bring eyeballs to the blog, I’m not sure that’s what I want Blogging Blue to become known for.


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10 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Democratic Party Chair race

  1. Last time you were a big fan of Tate on this blog.
    What did he do in the last 2 years from his 1st terms that causes such a change in opinion of him?

  2. Clearly you have and of course you are allowed to.
    But it’s just helpful to us low knowledge flunkies to know how someone so involved and so pro Tate can do a 180?
    That’s why I’m asking what did he do different? Or stop doing? Etc to cause such a change in opinion!

    1. Jim, I don’t consider anyone here to be a “low information flunkie.”

      However, the reason for my change in perspective regarding Mike Tate has to do with the fact that I don’t feel he’s delivered a positive result for his time in office.

  3. Amen, Brother Zach.

    Let’s keep our family quarrels from becoming disrespectful and divisive.

  4. You know, Joe Wineke has pledge that unless the Democrats gain seats, he wouldn’t run for re-election. That’s really the only pledge that matters to me.

  5. Zach,
    Wisconsin Democrats have been up against ALEC for decades now and to fight fire with fire the Democrats need to form an agency with the kind of manpower that ALEC has and that local Democrats can and will depend on for strategy and backing. The chairman approach has been shown to be too weak. We need year round marketing and candidate recruitment along with sponsor and donor recruitment that’s interesting, purposeful, and local. Press Lobbying, entertainment and record keeping over the long term. Establish a tradition of seriousness and fun that people will want to become a part of and use to influence their communities. Promote Consistency, integrity and clout. Gain respect. Incorporate and promote the best traditions, successes, statistics and goals CONSISTENTLY and at every opportunity. If there are not enough opportunities, create some! IMNSHO.–Cat

  6. It’s interesting you mention potential contributions from the candidates who don’t get elected chair. I haven’t heard any of the candidates mention this so far but I hope the eventual winner thinks that way.

    In past party chair races I’ve been around (in Texas mostly), it’s a really important component of bringing everyone together in the end. I’ve been pretty surprised at how openly negative the campaigning has gotten in this race too. Obviously there are big improvements that need to be made in the party but in the end we all have to work together to make them happen.

  7. A heads up Zach, Joe Wineke was interviewed on Sly 5:30-6:00 pm this evening. Only caught the last few minutes after work today. Cheers, I’ll be waiting to join the party for a while longer. Still looking for a clean break from the DNC for the state party.

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