Bernie Sanders wins backing of South Carolina labor organization

This is a couple of days old, but I felt it was worth sharing.

After receiving the support of the South Carolina AFL-CIO’s executive board, Sen. Bernie Sanders issued a statement about the support he received.

Erin McKee, president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO, said the executive board member who recommended Sanders said “nobody in a very long time has stood up for working people and labor like Bernie Sanders has.”

South Carolina is among the first four states in the nation to hold primaries or caucuses to begin the process of selecting the Democratic Party presidential nominee. The action by the South Carolina executive board made it the second state, after Vermont, to back Sanders.

Sanders learned the news while campaigning in Iowa, home of the first-in-the nation caucuses.

“We are very pleased to have received the support of the executive board and their recommendation that the South Carolina and national AFL-CIO follow their lead,” Sanders said as he prepared to address an audience at United Auto Workers hall.


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6 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders wins backing of South Carolina labor organization

  1. Remember when Bill Clinton bashed labor trying to get Blanche Lincoln elected? And when Rahm gave labor a big FU, because where was labor going to go, amirite?
    Hillary’s already responding to Sander’s momentum. I hope this continues.

  2. Facts are facts: Hillary Clinton praised Margaret Sanger, a woman who wanted to KILL BLACKS poor and disabled people. Are blacks this STUPID that they would vote for Hillary Clinton? No wonder Hillary is pimping herself out for Black lives matter. What a JOKE! OMG people wake up.Seriously! What is wrong with anyone who would vote for Hillary Clinton? You would have to hate blacks, disabled and poor people to support Hillary Clinton because this is what she values. People who do the same. Get it? Duh. You have been hoodwinded by Clintons. They SECRETLY hate blacks. SECRETLY hate disabled. And the Clinton’s detest the poor. They are sociopaths preying on your ignorance. Vote for Berine now! Feel the Bern! Berning away the evil of the Clinton’s non stop lying and scandal machine.

  3. I am a black women and i would never vote for Hilary Clinton. so fake im disgusted by morgan freeman taking her side. I pray the black communities around america finally agree on sanders simply because i do think she is actually a racist her and bill anyone who is backed by Monsanto and likes GMOS is FAKE PUPPET HILARY NEEDS TO JUST GO AWAY.

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