Mike Huckabee wishes he could have said he was transgender in high school to shower with girls (VIDEO)

As reported by German Lopez of Vox, at a convention earlier this year former Arkansas Gov. and failed Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabeemocked a very serious part of the LGBT movement when he joked about how he wished he had pretended to be transgender in high school so he could shower with girls.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee perpetuated one of the most pervasive myths about transgender people at a convention earlier this year, suggesting that men can abuse trans-friendly laws for voyeurism in women’s bathrooms.

“Now I wish that someone told me that when I was in high school that I could have felt like a woman when it came time to take showers in PE,” Huckabee said in a video resurfaced on YouTube over the weekend by World Net Daily, according to a report by BuzzFeed’s Megan Apper and Andrew Kaczynski. “I’m pretty sure that I would have found my feminine side and said, ‘Coach, I think I’d rather shower with the girls today.'”

Putting aside the fact that Huckabee is mocking those individuals who are transgender, there’s more than a little bit of a creep factor in Huckabee’s desire to go back in time and creep around in the girl’s locker room so he can presumably see a some naked underage girls.

You can watch Mike Huckabee’s remarks for yourselves below.


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3 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee wishes he could have said he was transgender in high school to shower with girls (VIDEO)

  1. It sounds like Mr. Huckabee is having impure thoughts. Has he confessed to Pa Duggar? Apparently that’s how it’s done.

  2. I don’t like the vast majority of Mr. Huckabee’s views but this is hardly even close to the worst thing he’s said.

    This actually reminds me of a TV movie I saw back in the 1990s. I wish I knew the name. It was about a boy who went to a new high school and as a prank tried to see how long he could get away with pretending to be a girl. He was still interested in girls though, and simply started to like cross dressing as the prank went on without him being discovered. He got involved with cheer leading and the activity became important to him.

    Eventually the gym teacher confronted him that she noticed him looking at the other girls (he had a chore of cleaning the girls’ locker room if I recall). One of the heartbreaking parts of the film was that she said it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with him, and that she’d not tell his parents (but that of course he wouldn’t be hanging around cleaning up the girls’ locker room anymore). Relieved, he confessed he was a boy. The teacher immediately betrayed him and said that she would tell his parents, and that she thought he was a lesbian. I remember at the end of the movie he went to some event (I don’t remember what) involving cheer leading disobeying his father, who forbid it after he found out, and the boy confessed what he was doing and said the cheer leading actually meant something to him.

    Now this character was not transgender, but Mr. Huckabee’s statement immediately reminded me of it, because the main character of that movie did exactly what Mr. Huckabee was joking about. His statement was insensitive, but poking fun at flaring adolescent hormones wasn’t all that creepy in my opinion.

    Now this quote:
    “We’ve divorced ourselves from an understanding that we cannot survive as a republic if we do not become once again a God-centered nation that understands that our laws do not come from man, they come from God,”

    So basically if we don’t subjugate the entire country under Mr. Huckabee’s version of a Christian theocracy, somehow we’re a “secular theocracy” or something. It pains my mind that some people consider it an assault on their rights if they cannot control how everyone else lives. His misguided joke there pales in comparison to his views. I can understand the draw in making fun of his statement though, since confronting the horrors of what he actually represents isn’t much fun at all.

    1. “…Huckabee’s version of a Christian theocracy…”

      YES, that is what he is about!

      With Huckabee as prez, we would begin to lose the separation of Church and State and perhaps even end up having puritanical punishments of “shunning” or “the stockade” or even “stoning.” imposed on those who did not believe and follow Huckabee’s religious standards for our government.

      Perhaps not, but you get the idea of his evangelical views being imposed upon the citizenry.

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