Quick Question to Wisconsin Dems on Bernie Sanders

Why was it such a big issue that recently elected DPW Chair Martha Laning had only recently been a dues paying member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin…but nobody bats an eye when Senator Bernie Sanders, long time professed independent and/or socialist, runs for president as a Democrat…and actually runs to support him? I mean WTF?


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18 thoughts on “Quick Question to Wisconsin Dems on Bernie Sanders

  1. Because Bernie’s positions are well-known, and relatively close to the average Dem voter (yes, really). Laning was less known and needed to prove her progressive bona fides (which she’s been doing).

    Dem voters should be the ones who decide what a good Dem is or is not- both in primary votes, and in choosing the DPW Chair. The opposite had been true for too long in Wisconsin, and you see the bad results

  2. Clearly it wasn’t a big deal as she WON!

    Here is a good one for you to ponder.

    Why is it not a big deal that Feingold started a super PAC, when he was adamently against them, then used the proceeds to pay himself and his cronies salaries and PAID his rent with it with very little actual money spent on democratic causes. I MEAN WTF!!!

    Only on this blog could Feingolds obvious slime move go unnoticed and unmentioned.

    1. Why is it not a big deal that Feingold started a super PAC? That’s easy. It’s not a big deal because…shut up. Also confederate flag! and Squirrel! I hope that clears things up.

      As for Bernie, I’m rooting for him in the primary. Not so much in the general.

    1. There’s a Sheriff Clarke question? If anyone thought he was still somehow a Democrat before, I hope his comments on Baltimore will finally clear things up for good.

  3. That’s an easy question Ed. Sanders has been in Congress for almost 25 years, ( about 23 1/2 years longer than Laning has been a member of the DPW), and his position on most issues is a near verbatim articulation of what you’ll find in the resolutions passed annually at the DPW convention by rank and file Dems from all over Wisconsin.

    A better question is why Ron Kind has been called a Democrat for 18 years.

    1. “A better question is why Ron Kind has been called a Democrat for 18 years.”

      In reply:

      Perhaps Ron Kind and Martha Laning are “conservative Democrats.” Should not our party be all inclusive?

      Also, perhaps the reason our party is in such disarray is some are too quick to condemn those within our party who hold a different view on some issues.

      I confess that I strongly opposed Obama’s choice to forgo “universal health care” or “Medicare for all” and instead entered into an alliance with the “horrible” insurance companies. YIKES! With the benefit of hindsight, I was wrong. Neither of my progressive goals were doable at that time. And in fact we would have no health insurance program currently if Obama had taken my position of “all or nothing at all.”

      We are a strongly divided country politically; compromises are a necessity to get anything done! We don’t have many, if any, “Blue Dog” dems in the House.

      If we are to be successful, we must be a party of inclusion. We cannot become as the “goose stepping” Tea party members who brook no differences from the party line or the GOP evangelical conservatives who reject the LGBT community from their party.

      As a party of the people we must welcome those who wish to serve the people rather than the party who serves the 1%.

  4. Slightly off topic, but I’ve been wondering if Bernie actually becomes a threat whether there will be a procedural effort by national Dems to keep him off the ballot because he’s not a ‘true’ Democrat.

  5. (Disclaimer: Not a registered Democrat)

    Nice to see two site trolls came out as Democrats and stop by to fail to address the topic and attempt to derail the limited focus of the discussion.

    Sanders has voted slightly over 98% of the time with the Democrats. I’m looking for a certain campaign initiative from him that says to me he will actually run as an independent candidate and not merely as a shepherd to lead a flock of more progressive thinking Democrats into the Hillary pen. Conversely Hillary needs to publicly address supporting Sanders should Sanders beat her in the Democratic primary election, and should do so sooner than later.

    1. (Disclaimer: Not a registered Democrat nor Troll)

      Hi non, it’s nice to have you come out too. Sorry you missed the subtlety of my comment. Maybe next time I’ll coarsen my remarks since a delicate or precise comment can be difficult for someone like you to analyze and understand.

      1. OT: Not responding to your first comment equates just as easily to purposeful decision making. Registration is required neither for blatant narcissism nor for blog trolling as you have just proven.

  6. LOL: and JSOnline is more than happy to anoint Bernie as a Dem. Today’s headline: Democrat Bernie Sanders bringing criticism of Gov. Scott Walker to Madison rally

  7. Bernie is a Zionist playing the other side of the fence for all he can get. Like Feingold he is a member of the media controlling class looking for hot button issues to keep the attention and money in the family.

  8. That’s a cheap shot. A really cheap shot considering he caucuses with the Senate Democrats and is more supportive of a real Democratic agenda than far too many Democrats.

    If you want to question running on a Democratic ticket, take on Sheriff David Clarke, a “Democrat” on the ballot who spews right wing extremism with every breath he takes.

    Has this become Blogging Blue for Hillary?

    1. I’ve endorsed Bernie Sanders already (though I can’t remember if I did so on the blog), so no….this isn’t Blogging Blue for Hillary.

      That being said, I think you missed Ed’s point, which (as I read it) was to point out the hypocrisy of those who attacked Martha Laning for only recently joining the Democratic Party of Wisconsin while remaining silent on Sanders’ entry into the Democratic presidential primary.

      I didn’t read Ed’s post as an attack on Sanders, but perhaps I’m wrong.

    2. Zach pretty much nailed the whole point of this post. But if your skin is so thin that you can’t even understand or take on a rhetorical question, it’s going to be a long election cycle for you. And stop projecting your personal issue onto me or Blogging Blue…

    3. Not a cheap shot in my experience with media markets. Zionists spend their lives understanding mass trends and markets. Their lives,influence and security depend on it. Any time a market opens up, they are on it. Billions of dollars are spent every year betting on what people will respond to, from movies, news, entertainment on TV, radio, etc.especially politics. This has made America the most watched and, unfortunately, envied country in the world…ask any foreign citizen, and they will repeat the old nazi and Issil accusations that America is run by Zionists. Not objecting to Sanders switching from socialist to Democrat is simply playing along with current Zionist media influence–much like people did with the Wolfowitz doctrine in the G.W. Bush White House–0r the wholesale change in attitude and legislation toward gay marriage, the 9/11 attack or global warming in just a few years. American media is simply an extension of millennia of Talmud influence around the world.
      For those who will now label me an anti-semetic, I consider such influence a condition of God’s biblical promise and only wrong when it is hushed up.

  9. Another quick question raised recently by the pundits is if Senator Warren will support Bernie or Hillary. I’m guessing Warren will hold off any active support or endorsement until after the nomination.

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