Because nothing says, “I’m presidential!” like stealing your campaign’s logo

As has been noted by Capper (among others), Gov. Scott Walker’s 2016 presidential campaign is already off to a rocky start, as many have noted how eerily similar the Walker for President campaign logo looks to the logo for America’s Best, a contacts and eyeglasses store.

Look for yourselves:

Scott Walker's stolen presidential campaign logo

Now I understand that in the grand scheme of presidential politics this likely isn’t the end all, be all, but a stupid (and easily avoidable) mistake like this just shows that it’s amateur hour over at the Walker for President campaign, and it’s certainly not a start that inspires confidence in Scott Walker’s ability to serve as president. After all, if he can’t manage to nail something as simple as a presidential campaign rollout, how can he be expected to do nail something as complex as leading our nation?


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7 thoughts on “Because nothing says, “I’m presidential!” like stealing your campaign’s logo

  1. Check to see if that company is one of those that own Scott. If so, it’s nothing more than the campaign version of a patch on a Nascar uni or logo on Phil Mickelson’s cap. We’ve already got corporate sponsorship of our presidential candidates, maybe by being the first to incorporate logos into his campaign, we’ve got Scooter’s version of transparency.

  2. TROLL ALERT:: Attempt to change subject from another example of clown car candidate’s thievery and dishonesty.

      1. Seems like a recent candidate for governor STOLE And OUTRIGHT plagerized her entire plan for governor and there was nary a whisper from you guys. I’m fairly certain using a version of the flag for an E has probably been done many times before but obviously when walker does it it ranks right up there with the holocost. He’ll I’m surprised you didn’t point out the font he was using and comedy on possible copyright infringement.

  3. If you think Walker can drum up enough votes to overcome the unions, black, Hispanic, LGBT, women, moderate conservatives and the rest of the “blue fisters” votes then you are as crazy as a loon. Furthermore, have you been paying any attention to Walkers approval ratings in Wi? He’s on a downward slide and that will carry into the nationals. What’s happened “over and over and over” again is Republicans end up on the wrong side of history. Walker can use whatever logo he wants… It won’t help.

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