Gov. Walker approves pay increase for State Troopers, give 31,000 other state employees the shaft

This just sums up Gov. Scott Walker’s “divide and conquer” strategy at its best.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that gives state troopers a 6 percent raise.

The governor signed the measure at Fox Valley Technical College in Oshkosh on Monday morning.

At the same time he gave State Troopers their 6% raise, over 31,000 other state employees got a ZERO PERCENT raise coupled with higher out-of-pocket medical expenses in what amounts to a cut in those employees’ take-home pay.

Divide and conquer indeed…


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2 thoughts on “Gov. Walker approves pay increase for State Troopers, give 31,000 other state employees the shaft

  1. Nothing subtle about about Walker’s bribing or influencing, or his hatred; it’s all too obvious.

    I believe there should be a difference in pay rates and raises due to education, danger and other skill factors; however, ALL should receive the same adjustment for any increase in the cost of living regardless of political affiliation.

    Walker’s punishment or revenge against some state workers or some classes of society is not only unfair and economically harmful, but immoral. and unchristian.

    So what else is new with the worst unindicted public official in the history of Wisconsin!

  2. My union member county employees don’t all get paid the same, but do extraordinarily good work at keeping our roads maintained (less expensive than private sector contractors) keeping our county roads plowed and clear of snow during the winter months and do not all get paid the same as (for instance) the county records keepers, and compliance to federal regulation workers and all the other clerical staff and they professionally trained department heads in our lands/conservation/health, agricultural, senior services or mental health services or other any other of the invaluable services to our county populace, not to mention the emergency service agencies and personnel too.

    Public school teachers are woefully underpaid for what is required of them for continuing professional training, not to mention what they are required to face on a day to day basis from their job and from their school administrative oversight.

    They spend their earnings locally which boosts other small local businesses. They are also very productive taxpayers, locally and to the state and nation.

    You have stated nothing that makes any valid point. Kindly zip it until you can offer anything that is not totally hyperbolic and repetitious outright lying. Baseless gibberish is all you ever have.

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