How Many Wisconsin Counties Has Governor Walker Visited?

It’s a lazy hot summer day in Wisconsin…finally! But while reading my Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the front porch while eating breakfast…I see that Governor Walker is promising to visit every one of the 99 counties in Iowa as part of his campaign for the GOP nomination for president.

I haven’t found the info on line yet and I don’t imagine that I’d get a response from his campaign or gubernatorial office if I inquired…but has Governor Walker visited every on of Wisconsin’s 72 counties?


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5 thoughts on “How Many Wisconsin Counties Has Governor Walker Visited?

  1. I can confirm Walker secretly slipped in and out of the back door of a Jackson County factory before the recall avoiding a dozen of us picketing the front entrance. While he did meet with management, a few gagged employees, and local officials,Walker, shielded by his mammoth security force, avoided all of the other 5,687,289 Jackson County residents.

    I haven’t heard nor seen him in these parts since.

    1. Similar scenario in Buffalo County. It would have taken him 3 minutes to get from Marten Transport to the public school. If his ideas were so great, what was he afraid of?

  2. I’d be very surprised if he has ever set foot in Menominee County. He wouldn’t even meet with tribal leaders when they marched on foot to Madison last winter, so I can’t imagine him visiting on their turf.

    Other than that, my guess would be that he has had photo-ops at the largest business/donor in the other 71 counties. As far as actually having an open-ended dialog with everyday residents, you can probably count those on your fingers (and toes if we’re being generous).

  3. I have noticed this lack of interest in Wisconsin’s counties, as well. Let’s just say a general lack of interest in Wisconsin as anything other than a background for his auto biopic.

    Mr. Walker has of course visited Dane County — both the Capitol and the governor’s mansion are located here, as are the offices of his comrades in deception, Robbin’ Vos and Scott the Fitz. But I don’t believe he has set foot in the halls or on the grounds of the largest private employer, Epic Systems, and he avoids the University of Wisconsin-Madison (another big employer, you know) like the plague. Too science-y or something, I guess.

  4. Well, Waukesha, obviously.
    He’s been kinda scarce around Waukesha’s poor relation, Washington County, but he doesn’t need to bother with them, he’ll carry it whether he shows up or not. They love him here.
    Although I haven’t seen a Walker for President bumper sticker in Washington County yet, and he’s been running almost a week now.

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