Next Assault On Clean Government: Disable The Government Accountability Board

Having learned nothing about Wisconsin’s concern with clean and open government from their open records debacle this past week, the Republicans in Madison decide to renew their efforts to disable the GAB:

“Now that the state budget is complete, it’s time to double down on finalizing the necessary reforms for the (Government Accountability Board) so the bill can be ready for consideration this fall. Those reforms will include a means to change the way the GAB operates. The agency leadership needs to be accountable to the GAB board and the board needs to be accountable to the Legislature and the citizens of Wisconsin.”

Let’s parse out that last quote:

agency leadership needs to be accountable to the GAB board : check

board needs to be accountable to…the citizens of Wisconsin : check

board needs to be accountable to the Legislature… : bzzzt – wrong answer. The GAB needs to continue to be a non-partisan independent board in order to insure accurate and fair elections in the State of Wisconsin!


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15 thoughts on “Next Assault On Clean Government: Disable The Government Accountability Board

  1. Lawsuits are flying, three judges have tossed out chisholm/s vendetta now we must ask if the Left wsnts to see GAB, DA/IRS and DOJ coem after them. To dte no jusge has found the Conservative groups guilty of anyhting despte midnight raids on 29 peopels homes. Wait till everything clers and chsiolm will be shown to be in concers with vast leftwing conspiracy to hinder Conservative groups acting legally.

  2. Your link in this post doesn’t seem to be working. Takes me to some AT&T Uverse login screen.

    1. thank you for bringing this to my attention. I think I have if corrected now…sorry for the inconvenience

  3. Are you honestly going to claim that the GAB has been a nonpartisan independent agency! What an absolute joke.

    1. whether you believe that it is or isn’t currently, putting it back under the thumb of the state legislature will insure that it can’t be in the future.

      1. I know what I believe, you wrote the article stating that they were a nonpartisan independent agency when it is abundantly clear that they are not.

        Clearly you enjoy their liberal supporting conservative bashing ways. What a joke.

          1. Well that is the exact point then isn’t it. The GAB isn’t a nonpartisan agency and therfore needs to be reigned in. Thank you for agreeing.

  4. Is this satire or projection from Steve as he types from.his bunker after bar time?YOU MAKE THE CALL!

    1. the right just needed to upgrade their trollbots a notch or two because WCD wasn’t getting the job done.

      considering the attention that this pretty minor post is garnering just indicates how dangerous a non-partisan election commission is to the GOPs plans for state and local government in Wisconsin.

      the fact that they are accusing the out of power party as being mad for control and domination when every move by the Republican controlled legislature has actually been working on that agenda is beyond laughable.

      and the fact that they are accusing former judges of corruption is beyond the pale.

      1. There you go again. While the GAB was INTENDED to be non partisan, they clearly have been NOT ACTING NOR PERFORMING IN THAT REGARD. I understand that you can’t see that because all of the GAB’s partisan activities have swung quite liberal. Keep on keeping on though!

    1. P.S. Revealing the truth, I fear no violence from rational and honest human beings whatever their political, social, or religous beliefs.

    2. Duane, what on earth are you talking about. The GAB hasnt been non partisan. And your constant Segways away from that point doesn’t change facts. Wait until Kennedy steps down for his bad behavior, it is coming.

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