Our Dumb Senator Ron Johnson refers to “idiot inner city kids” during radio appearance

Stay classy, Sen. Ron Johnson….stay classy!

U.S. Sen Ron Johnson has said he regrets making a reference to “idiot inner city kids” on conservative radio host Vicki McKenna’s show on News/Talk 1130 WISN this week.

As reported by the Washington Post Thursday, the Republican U.S. senator from Wisconsin was talking about private school vouchers on McKenna’s show Monday when he made a reference to the hypocrisy of Democrats sending their own children to private schools but not wanting to offer the same opportunity to “idiot inner city kids.”

Here’s some audio of Sen. Johnson’s comments, courtesy of Crooks and Liars.

Capper over at Cognitive Dissidencehas more on Se. Johnson’s comments, but I’ll just note that “sarcasm” or not, I think Sen. Johnson’s remarks are indicative of what many conservatives of his ilk really think about kids who happen to grow up in the inner city.


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33 thoughts on “Our Dumb Senator Ron Johnson refers to “idiot inner city kids” during radio appearance

  1. He phrased that wrong. His comment referred to how the people that are in power send their kids to private schools instead of helping what they believe ” idiot inner city kids”. Ron wants to help those kids in inner city, the white liberal, male racists that run milwaukee ignore them as long as they vote right.

    1. Make whatever excuses you want but I listened to the full interview and Johnson couldn’t have been more clear.

      As far as “white liberal, male racists that run milwaukee”, how many people of color do Republicans have in office in Milwaukee? For that matter, how many people of color do Republicans have in office in Wisconsin. To one step further, how many people of color do a Republicans have in office nationally? Answer those questions honestly and then compare to Dems. The proof is in the numbers. Johnson is just a reflection of those numbers and his statement is the same crap repeated for decades by that Grand Ole Racist Party.

    1. So you recognize this as sarcasm. Good, I was worried that you and Zach thought it was what senator Johnson actually believes. But it was a sarcastic remark and you both recognize that.

      Fortunately Obama, biden and Hillary have never made any remarks that c old be construed as sarcasm…

  2. Anytime someone lumps a group of people into a category and then refers to them as idiots it’s called discrimination not sarcasm. Ron Johnson, as an individual, is an idiot and that’s not sarcasm.

    1. Remind me again which party ended slavery (republicans).

      Remind me which party fought against the civil rights movement. Remind me which party celebrates Jefferson and Jackson yearly as the founders of their party. Oops… DEMOCRATS.

      1. Fun – and Bob La Follette was a Republican, too. What do you suppose he or President Lincoln would say about you lot today?

      2. There aren’t many African Americans that look back at the last 130 years with fond memories. Slavery may have ended but the bondage and segregation continued. In some places it still does. For example, many places down south still have two proms. One for the white kids and one for the black. Ask the families of those young men murdered at the hands of racist white cops how free they feel. Ask the families of “those idiot inner city kids” what voucher schools their kids can attend.

        1. Funny… Seems like republicans are the only politician trying to fight for inner city kids to get a better chance by attending a voucher school. Seems like MPS has done nothing but try and restrictions some very well achieving schools like st. Marcus from expanding and helping inner city kids.

          Gosh, I guess republicans hate inner city kids and Democrats with the support of MPS are just trying to keep the same kids in iron chains and enslaved in failing miserable MPS schools.

          1. If you had any clue what you are talking about you would know that St. Marcus has the same miserable performance rating/scores as many Milwaukee public schools. Hardly a success story. Furthermore, Milwaukee Democrats are responsible for establishing the nations oldest (25yrs) school choice program. So, once again, your unsubstantiated rhetoric and blowhard nonsense haven’t proven a damn thing. What you have done is further establish my point that Johnson is just a reflection of all the real “idiots” that make up the a Republican Party. Nice try!

            1. Oh! Right, democrats are FOR expanding school choice!!! Got it.

              And St. Marcus is just as underachieving as MPS schools!!! Sweet, how did I miss that?

              1. How did you miss that? St. Marcus DOES performs at the same levels as underachieving MPS schools and Milwaukee Dems DID create the oldest national school choice program within MPS. Fact check prior to running your mouth and you’ll avoid the great self inflicted embarrassment we have to watch you endure. Like I said, the reflection of “idiots”.

                1. I see what you did there… how about this, Democrats DON’T SUPPORT school choice and have ACTIVELY FOUGHT against its implementation and expansion in WISCONSIN. it is an undeniable FACT. If you want a history lesson, DEMOCRATS FOUGHT TOOTH AND NAIL AGAINST THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT.

                  1. Nice try! However, what you are referring to was more of a geographic split then a political split. The majority of southern congressman, both democrat and republican voted against the bill. However, the majority of all northern republicans and democrats voted for the civl rights act. In the end it was technically (by the numbers) a republican majority vote in favor of civil rights but that is no reflection on which party pushed the issue. Democrats championed the cause. They absolutely DIDNT fight “tooth and nail against the civil rights movement”. You need to retake ninth grade history or your ignorance will continue to prevail.

                    Democrats only object to vouchers when irresponsibly implemented. It can’t be implemented in a way that defunds public education or in a way that overwhelms the system. There are not enough “private schools” to accommodate the vouchers already handed out, especially at the high school level. Voucher school availability is even more of a problem in the inner city. Hence, it’s democrats fighting for “those idiot inner city kids” and they won’t leave them holding a voucher they can’t use or to a school (St. Marcus) that under performs. Furthermore, the republican agenda related to this issue has nothing to do with helping kids. It has to do with privatization, profit and mass indoctrination. Johnson’s statement remains a reflection of the real “idiots” and their the unsubstantiated nonsense that makes up the majority of the Grand Ole Racist Party. You, my friend, happen to be the mouth piece and cheerleader at the forefront ignorance. Enjoy!

                    1. So an overwhelming majority of Republicans and a higher percentage of them as compared to democrats voted to give civil rights to blacks. Ok got it!

                      And a 57 DAY filibuster by senator Robert Byrd who was also an EXHALTED CYCLOPS in the KKK. Doesn’t equal “fighting tooth and nail” against the civil rights bill… OK GOT IT!!!

                      REVISE HISTORY MUCH?

  3. The key word in Johnson’s statement that has been left out of the above quotes is “THOSE idiot inner city kids”. Including “those” adds a different dimension and shows the true nature of his statement. It’s indefensible.

  4. Thought we were pretty much done with bringing attention to readers for these most recent rounds of idiocy coming from the imbecile Johnson. Thanks to the troll to keep bringing our attention back reminding us of this huge problem and these particular instances of unadulterated ineptitude in national legislative leadership exhibited by our pathetic excuse for a US, “senator.”

  5. Frankly Johnson,
    Who introduced the bill… Kennedy? “Idiots” tried to revise it and the democratic president sent it back in its original form. One (1) southern democrat (Smith) threw a total fit. He was a racist pig and ended up rescinding his objection. The majority of northern republicans that voted sided with the democratic version of the bill. As I suggested do the math. The majority of southern republicans as well as southern democrats all voted against the bill because they were all racist pigs. The north won again. If Kennedy wasn’t shot in a southern state we probably wouldn’t have the bill. Guilt! It’s as it is today… laws were passed but when it comes down to it nobody’s dancing with those of opposite color. Even democrats will admit, if an “Obama” isn’t in the race “those idiot inner city kids” and their patents probably aren’t voting for another white guy (democrat or republican). The point was… Johnson echoes the same bigoted rhetoric as others that wear red ties and scream injustice from the comforts of their white suburban communities as they belittle a community they rarely, if ever, have taken time to understand. Jaded opinions based on limited and manipulated facts hardly an argument make. Seriously, Google or Wikepedia would solve your ignorant reflection of those leaders that you so blindly follow. Please take the time to field an educated argument… Do your research.

    1. So democratic senator Byrd wasn’t an exalted cyclops who filibustered the civil rights act? Oh OK, got it!

      Why is it so hard for you to admit facts. Republicans are no more or less racist than their democratic counterparts. Shockingly only conservatI’ve comments are deemed racist. Meenwhile Biden somehow speaks like a racist bigoted idiot and is rewarded with a second term. OK, got it!!!

      1. Your response to this thread was to go off topic and distract with nonsense. Try to stay focused on the topic at hand. Johnson labeling and categorizing “those idiot inner city kids” is a form of discrimination not sarcasm.

        No matter how you irresponsibly interpret history the fact remains… You are wrong! Byrd’s filibuster was a reflection of his personal hatred of blacks not of his political position as a democrat. He was able to rally enough hatred among southern democrats to temporarily halt progress. Common sense and human decency prevailed. To this day black Americans recognize the efforts of Kennedy and the Democratic Party. Apparently and sadly the bizarro world you live in does not allow for reality and facts. Oh and by the way… Stop trying to words in my mouth or imply that I made a statement that I haven’t. This makes you look like one of “those idiot inner city kids”. Okay, got it!!! OKAY isn’t spelled Ok and that’s what really makes you look like am idiot. Nice try!

  6. You can’t argue with a RWNJ, they’re too stupid. However if you’re going to dip your toe in, Political parties are only vehicles for ideology. Conservative ideology is the problem, it stems from the lost causers of the confederacy that have steadily infected their immoral positions on the rest of the union. The only ____ conservative, is a ____ conservative.

    1. Sigh, vague threats of harm or death to republicans earns a like on this site.
      And somehow the moderators deem that type of speech acceptable. OK, got it!

      1. And we can assume that your ignorance on display here is due to shared genetic traits with “senator,” Johnson. Nephew, brother, child ???

        Depends on what you read into it, doesn’t it. We can see your paranoia attempting to defend the indefensible but try substituting “intelligent,” and “union,” or some such other combination. Your lock-step partisan spiel and lack of creative thinking is already apparent.

        Anyone reading Con’s comment as a threat should probably quit trolling left leaning website.

        1. Could not be perceived as a threat huh… Why don’t you substitute the president’s name in place of “conservative” and see how long it takes before the secret service comes knocking on your door.

      2. This is what I mean by stupid. I clearly stated that conservative ideology is the problem and mouth-breathing drooler says republicans.

        1. “Ok” you say I should do my research and you are claiming that Ok is nor an accepted spelling. Got it! Ok!!!

          Check the dictionary, the get back to me ok!!!

          1. Acceptable in edited writing but is actually a misspelling originating from the abbreviated and shortened okay (o.k.). Not proper English. My real objective was to show just how annoying it is when someone distracts or goes off on a tangent from the original topic/thread. Usually, as in your case, when they have been proven wrong. Common debate tactic among those who haven’t a clue.

            1. So you have proven me wrong? Senator Byrd wasn’t an exhalted cyclops that filibustered the civil rights act.

              I’m wrong about that?

  7. Let’s put Senator Johnson in a spelling and math quiz up against Gwen Moore. I wonder how that would turn out?

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