Scott Walker poised to sign largest budget in Wisconsin state history

This is for all those Scott Walker supporters out there who’ve deluded themselves into believing Gov. Walker is a fiscal conservative.

Yesterday rubber-stamp Republicans in the State Assembly sent the 2015-17 biennial budget to Gov. Walker for his signature, and it’s worth noting that budget is the largest in the history of the state of Wisconsin.

That’s right, the budget Gov. Walker is preparing to sign into law before he formally announces his candidacy for president represents the largest expenditure of taxpayer dollars in the 167-year history of our state.

The state Assembly sent the two-year $72.7 billion state budget to Gov. Scott Walker early Thursday, giving him just enough time to sign it before his presidential campaign announcement on Monday.

The budget passed 52-46, with 11 Republicans joining all Democrats in opposing the budget.

Because nothing says “fiscal conservatism” like a $72.7 billion state budget.


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5 thoughts on “Scott Walker poised to sign largest budget in Wisconsin state history

  1. Liberals are so funny. the crab about the biggest budget he signs but they want to spend lots more money and raise taxes like Mn. did. A riot.

  2. It depends on one’s definition of spending and what the taxpayer dollar is being spent on. Spending tax dollars in the form of reducing (not collecting) tax dollars from profitable corporations who are not paying living wages to their laborers or spending tax dollars (not collecting taxes on profits or dividends to investors) from already profitable manufacturers and/or industrial agricultural interests (who incidentally are usurping public water resources and allowed to pollute locally at will) are parts of the overall picture that your myopic framing of the issue ignores entirely.

    We see JFC committee co-chair Nygren attempting right away today to direct focus away from the anti-public interest, anti-labor interest fiasco of a budget they passed on to Walker, going right after the GAB to attack Kennedy since their motion 999 failed to get public record access quashed to save Walker’s a$$ from any further John Doe II scrutiny.

    1. “Spending tax dollars in the form of reducing (not collecting) tax dollars”….

      Oh I see.

      Newsflash!!! Not taking more money from the people that are actually making money ISN’T SPENDING MORE MONEY!!!

      it would be like me saying I made a million dollars delivering newspapers last year but had to give my employer back $999,900. You see the government doesn’t “spend” money that it doesn’t collect. They are just collecting less money.

      You understand that right. You seriously must understand that letting tax payers keep more of their money that they earned isn’t “spending”.

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