VIDEO: In 180 seconds you will be voting for Bernie Sanders

I’ll admit it – Bernie’s my guy.

While pundits and prognosticators may say Bernie Sanders has no chance of defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2015 Democratic presidential primary, I think his message of universal healthcare, a livable minimum wage, correcting income inequality, and protecting our public education system is one that merits broader discussion among Democrats.


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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: In 180 seconds you will be voting for Bernie Sanders

  1. I think, and this is not a tenaciously held opinion, that Sanders is trying to move Hillary even further to the right in the public’s opinion. At least make folks think she will side with the hard right when push comes to shove.

    Sanders is courting the same faux based notoriety on the left that Cruz and Walker have mustered on the right. There’s fame and money in establishing a platform for the far left opinion.

    Of course, he doesn’t plan to win, but by taking the thunder away from “legitimate Democratic candidates” he keeps Obamacare on the ropes, and takes the shine away from Clinton. His is the “giant sucking sound” of the Democratic left, polarizing both political parties.

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