Where Will He Sign The Budget?

Here’s a question for all of our erudite readers out there: What high profile private invitation only location will Governor Walker pick to sign the budget?


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5 thoughts on “Where Will He Sign The Budget?

  1. Lets think outside the box. With that how about he signs the budget as he declares all the ‘good’ things he has done with his budgets in front of the media at the time of his announcement for his run as a presidential candidate. A governor who delivers–etc. etc-etc—and signs the budget to show his resolve to lower taxes and fix problems. You have to admit that would be a way to set him apart from his fellow candidates.

  2. I am having problems being allowed to comment hereā€”so if this is posted twice, sorry.
    How about in trying to showcase his fiscal stewardship of Wisconsin, and to do something different from his fellow candidates for the GOP nomination, Wallker signs his budget during his presidential announcement.

  3. I’m wondering how many pens he will use, and how much a campaign donor will have to fork over (to his official campaign, I’m assuming, not his supposed political charity, not ex-staff fan club SuperPAC, not dark money political interest coordination groups) for the “honor” of owning one of the scummy things. What a fine souvenir of the nadir of good government in Wisconsin! A fine reminder of what unprincipled politicians and unlimited money from secret donors can accomplish in undoing everything good in a formerly honorable, liveable, forward-thinking state!

  4. Turns out Scooter announced yesterday on the twitter, appropriate place imho. That should immediately bring in a Federal security protection force and releive WI taxpayers of a huge chunk of Walker’s body guard contingent expenses and we should be seeing all unlimited contributions to his election slush fund having ended yesterday along with the start of needing to officially list all donors/contributors.

    Scott Walker, the unintentional twit? Hardly.


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