Wisconsin’s awful, no good, very very bad biennial state budget

This Facebook post by Emily Mills sums up how I feel about the absolutely awful biennial state budget Republicans are working to pass.

Far as I can tell, the entire proposed Wisconsin budget is a steaming pile of garbage. But the tactic by the Republicans…

Posted by Emily Mills on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Emily is exactly right that we (and by we I mean anyone who values clean & transparent government, the working class, public employees, education, environmental protections, and the poor) should be packing the Capitol full of protest and working hard to get the power-and-money-hungry Republicans who are working to enact these policies out of office.


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5 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s awful, no good, very very bad biennial state budget

  1. Emily is typical leftwing nitwit. Every Wisconsin budget has all kinds of controversial problem but it is nothing like the overspent, deficit stuff that Doyle put us in the hole with.

  2. Emily’s criticism of the Walker gang is okay, but it needed some old fashioned cussing, “Gd” or more expressive terms like “pos” or challenging their birth origin such as “bastards.”

    I give her an A+ on honesty, but D- on grammar.

  3. It’s really bad but then a majority of voters (those who voted for Walker plus those who couldn’t be bothered to vote at all) ensured he won three state-wide elections. At some level this budget must reflect majority preference.

  4. Yeah its garbage, pretty much anything they can to put money in the hands of their campaign donors and take money away from the public.

  5. So your solution is to merely reverse the flow of subsidies from public to private, eh?

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