New polling shows Scott Walker in third in Iowa

I’ll admit it…this makes me smile.

After leading the GOP presidential field in Iowa for months, Gov. Scott Walker is no longer on top in the latest polling.

In a survey released Wednesday by CNN/ORC, Donald Trump leads among Republicans in Iowa with 22%, followed by Ben Carson at 14% and Walker at 9%.

Trump also leads Walker in two other Iowa surveys taken since the Aug. 6 GOP debate in Cleveland, where Walker avoided mistakes but turned in a low-profile performance that was overshadowed by some of his rivals.

In an Iowa poll by Suffolk University/USA Today released Tuesday, Trump led with 17% followed by Walker with 12%.

The latest polling suggests real slippage by Walker in Iowa, where a good showing is vital to his prospects of winning the Republican nomination.

Considering how much time, effort, and money Scott Walker has spent in Iowa -not to mention how high expectations have been for him there – the fact that he’s now slipped to third certainly doesn’t bode well for him.


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1 thought on “New polling shows Scott Walker in third in Iowa

  1. It’s easy to understand why Walker is in third place:

    He did not attack Megyn Kelly.

    He is afraid of Trump.

    He is a coward.

    His real political name is “John Doe.”

    People know how bad Wisconsin’s economy is under Walker.

    He is tied with Joe McCarthy as Wisconsin’s worst public official.

    He was almost an unindicted co-conspiritor.

    9% of GOP polled are idiots


    A high school diploma is not good enough.

    He has lived off the Wisconsin taxpayer all of his adult life.

    He has beern “adolpted” by the Koch family.

    He has sold his soul to the “Robber Barons.”

    And on and on!

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