Scott Walker on Meet The Press, oh my.

Scott Walker was interviewed on MTP this morning.  Almost the first thing out of his mouth is that voters want someone who will look them in the eyes and tell them what he will do…and it goes downhill after that….for 30 minutes. He’s still pandering to his base with the same old tired talking points and canned answers, including the story about the “Teacher of the Year” who was out of a job due to the big, bad unions.  View the video evidence of this farce on their website.

I recommend a healthy dose of sunshine after viewing….you’ll need it.




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3 thoughts on “Scott Walker on Meet The Press, oh my.

  1. If he builds a wall he will probably alienate these representatives of the Canadian Economic Development Corporation (CEDC). Learn from these guys, Scooter, they’re head and shoulders above anything you’ve put together.

  2. It looks like Walker may have flip flopped during this interview. Early on he says his position on gay marriage has never changed but his closing statement is “I like it both ways”.

  3. Sorry, but to all you great Wisconsin politicos who get sick to the stomach when Walker opens his mouth, as an individual from Tennesse, I can tell you that Walker couldn’t have done better against Chuck Todd. Of course I dislike Todd almost as much as Walker. But there are few media reporters who can hold a candle to Walker for spinning the facts. To get a little better idea of what Walker has wrought in Wisconsin you have to go into the industries. e.g.:

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