Sen. Ron Johnson raises money in Wyoming with Dick Cheney

Apparently Wisconsin’s not a great place for Republican Sen. Ron Johnson to raise money, as he spent last night raising money at a big-bucks fundraiser with “special guest” Dick Cheney.

There’s a certain amount of irony (not to mention a healthy dose of hypocrisy) in Republican attacks on Russ Feingold’s supposed absence from Wisconsin while Ron Johnson spends time raising money in Wyoming with Dick Cheney, who many believe is a war criminal.


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1 thought on “Sen. Ron Johnson raises money in Wyoming with Dick Cheney

  1. “Criminal” is too generous for Cheney; it should be “killer” of American young men and women in two wars.

    It’s personal with me! With Cheney’s five deferments in the Vietnam era, my beloved brother in law, who lived with his sister and I for one summer, took Cheney’s place. Bruce left for Vietnam in November and returned one month later in December of the same year to be buried by Christmas. It was a “closed casket” funeral. His mother’s grief was unimaginable.

    “Oh, the humanity!”

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