The GOP Presidential Debate, Part One

Tonight like millions (I can’t hardly type that with a straight face) of others, I will be watching the GOP debate, at home, with my bottle of Jagermeister close by and Matt Taibbi’s column, The Official GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules” in Rolling Stone which details the trite phrases that require the viewer to drink up. My personal favorite is Someone promises to “take America back.”

I will likely skip the JV game prior to it because one can only take so much….and I have to go to work tomorrow.


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8 thoughts on “The GOP Presidential Debate, Part One

  1. Mr. Taibbi forgot “big, bold ideas” and “100,000 protestors”

  2. Any mention of Kohl’s
    Any mention of Eagle Scout
    Double shots when Megyn Kelly misunderstands her role as moderator and starts arguing with candidates
    And drink a big fat bottle of anything if Scooter shakes his head, smiles and says ‘There you go again’ to anyone

  3. Television? Since digital conversion we are beyond the broadcast reception area and even the affordable paid cable providers. 40 years away (if ever) from 20 homes per mile for our address to even be considered for cable. Fighting for the telecoms to continue to be required to maintain existing copper phone lines.

  4. Drink 10 if at any point Trump sends one of his people to hold a kitchen cabinet door over Walker’s head while he answers a question as an intimidation tactic.

    1. Holy moly, that kitchen door injury gets bigger every time I see it. It looks like a beanie now.

  5. I caught most of the debate, but saw nothing new except, “Huston, the GOP has a problem.”

    Much of their base is split between purist or traditional conservatives and the Trump conservatives. They will likely remain divided even if Trump does not get the call as the Republican candidate.

    Either way and regardless of the falsity that Walker has turned Wisconsin into a red state, the Democratic turnout for 2016 should remain close to 2012 which was 53.5% of the vote if there are no other major considerations negatively affecting the Dem presidential candidate, be it Bernie or Hillary.

    There are two other factors, hopefully, affecting the next presidential election; one is SCOTUS restoring voter rights and/or overturning racist laws such as the Texas one. The other factor is a SCOTUS ruling that gerrymandering, at least in some states, is unconstitutional.

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