2 thoughts on “Thursday Music: The Byrds – I Come and Stand at Every Door

  1. Spring 1966, my soon-to-be rock-band mates and I took a bus north to see the Byrds in WI. We arrived mid-afternoon, way early and became roadies to help haul and set-up and chatted, had a couple, “smokes,” with them (I didn’t inhale) and caught the last bus home. Fresh out of eighth grade and looking toward entering HS, quite the day and quite the memory. Nobody on-line will likely “remember,” the then future WI US Congressional member responsible for that Byrds concert.

    Thanks for the memories Ed.

    1. (Sorry, before anyone might complain) Yes, I was off topic, but I do understand the purpose of the the remembrance in the lyrics of Ed’s song selection. Hopefully, my personal anecdote has not offended anyone, but the effect on me at the time is part of why I willfully and regularly refer to our POTUS as Obombya. One would think we have learned something after all these years.

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