Walker and Theocracy

In his ‘foreign policy’ speech at The Citadel today, Governor Walker suggested that we ‘…roll back the theocrats in Tehran”.

For someone who is avidly seeking support of evangelical Christians who would like nothing better than to establish their own little theocracy here in the United States…he doesn’t quite grasp the irony here, now does he?


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28 thoughts on “Walker and Theocracy

  1. Walker was embracing the notion that if you use “big words” you sound smart, not accounting for the fact that it is only impressive to people who don’t know what your big words mean. Those that do appropriately analyze your thought and re-estimate your intelligence based on your content, not your vocabulary.

  2. Ed, I don’t know or know of any Evangelical Christians who want to establish a “little theocracy.” Who are these people and what specifically do they want? I am looking for names and actual proposals to establish a theocracy. Best of luck.

    1. @Denis Navratil — You want a name? Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. and presidential candidate Ted Cruz, a proponent of the Dominionist movement. Check it out before you are so dismissive.

      1. Well, the fact that a fairly up to date conservative (me) has never heard of Rafael Cruz and Dominionism, suggests you don’t have much to worry about Joanne. The vast majority of conservatives merely want the freedom to exercise their religion and they agree with the constitutional restriction on the establishment of a religion.

        1. Denis,

          What “conservative” in America is supporting the rights of anyone from Islam to practice their religion?

    2. Denis, anyone who interprets the Bible literally supports a Christian theocracy.

      http://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Theocracy is a link to some stuff from the Hebrew scriptures, Old Testament that the Zionists running Israel use.

      Matthew 27:

      “24 So when Pilate saw that he was gaining nothing, but rather that a riot was beginning, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying, “I am innocent of this man’s blood; see to it yourselves.” 25 And all the people answered, “His blood be on us and on our children!”

      is the scriptural basis for what became known as the “blood libel.” Hitler used passages like it to convince Catholics and Lutherans to carry out the holocaust.

      Why does Gov. Walker and most of the rest of the GOP support ISIS?

      “ISIS executes more Christians in Libya, video shows”


      Am I right that Iran’s population is around 90-million?

      “Farmers fret as milk prices plummet, profits dwindle”

      “It’s definitely a global market now,” said John Umhoefer, executive director of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association.


      Wouldn’t the treaty with Iran help dairy farmers?

    3. Dominionism is not always as apparent and straight-forward a movement as you claim it must appear in order to be recognizable for what it is (and you are as disingenuous as you usually are here) and you are deliberately steering away from the obvious.

      Try following the “religious zealot,” (as described by his fellow Republican state Rep in a neighboring district) Andre the Hutt, Jacque and his obsession with destroying Planned Parenthood in WI.

      I don’t know who is more full of it, you or the Hutt?


      1. Jacque is destroying the thugs like Che, Eichmann and Mengele that slaughter innocents for their parts. Sick bastards.

              1. Matching the content, truth, relevance and accuracy of absolutely every other comment posting under the variously punctuated forms of that alias. Another blank slate.

        1. Up late again I see, Bobby,

          Listen if you are able to, our “governor,” (using that term loosely) is willing to let 600 WI citizens a year die from lack of access to health care instead of accepting Fed Medicaid money, so you just go on spouting about your memes about slaughtering innocents but don’t forget to name the current culprits that you support.

          Do you think Matt and Alex are going to be putting their boots on the ground in the Middle East for their dad? Which parents’ kids is Scooter going to send to battle the eternal terrorist threat in his fevered imagination as he tries to divert attention from the corpses he’s buried in his own back yard?

          He’s not only right up there with a few other historical WI degenerates like Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer and Wade Michael Page, but totally surpassed them. Now if he allows a few women to die rather than claim their right to their own lives under the US Constitution, it can’t get much worse, is that your point?

          The christian way isn’t it Bobby?

  3. Is it just me, or do you also see senseless lips uttering ignorance or copycat positions by a no-nothing, spineless, equivocating, lying, jerk pretending, but utterly failing, to be a presidential candidate?

    Excuse me for holding back or being too moderate in my evaluation, but Walker is, was, and will continue to be an embarrassment and a threat to Wisconsin and its citizens as long as he is in the pay of the 1%.

    “Oh the humanity!”.

    1. Considering your response I suspect you don’t even know the topic of conversation…

  4. Some of the commenters need to wake up amd reallize one simple fact: Walker has zero Christian morals. When you attack the Cnristian faith and use Walker as an example, it is similar to using ISIS as an example of Islam. When you attack the religion you cause actual Christians to dig in and believe the BS from Walker. You need to STOP using the immoral and corrupt Walker as an example of the Christian faith. He is a phoney who worships money and power. This is what drives him and his hateful agenda.

    1. Walke haters are hilarious!! He turned back half his salary from County Exec, could easily make far more money in private sector, has modest home, old car, probably small net worth. “Worship money”, Funny

      1. Thanks for pointing out half of a truth. Walker did return a large part of his salary for a short time, but when the public feeds, clothes and provides top tier health insurance and armed guards, unlimited travel world-wide and can be used to bargain for future personal fortunes while killing people for lack of concern for those in his own back yard and betting with the taxpayers’ monies, the rest of the story needs to be told.

        Sorry to see that you’ve fallen into defending, promoting and idolizing the real charlatan preacher.

        1. Walker haters are such hoot. Why don’t you go away from the lies and just stick to the issues with which there are some real differences instead, they lie, about his college career, that he knocked up some coed, that he was a crook when he was investigaated to he tune of miilions of dollars. Fact is that he gave back lot of his salary for 7 years, could have made lots more money, has passed things that had no effect on corporate profits. Actually the Dems get far more corportate money than the GOP. Obama raised a bilion to MCcains 200 million. Clintons are in the tank to big money for decades. She is owned by them lock stock and email.

      2. Your are an absolute fool. There is help for your condition… Bend over and pull your head out of your ass.

    2. Yet Governor Walker touts his Christianity at every turn. If he doesn’t represent Christians…then they have to expose him.

    3. Bob,

      Excellent point and well taken, but what I’ve seen mostly from blog following, left leaning state citizens is that they are pointing out Walker and a large part of the, “christian,” right-wing majority state legislators, using his/their religious faith and supposed beliefs as both a shield and a sword to attain ends that oppose what their faith professes as fair and just and the proper way to behave as a human being living in a society.

      It would be helpful in the future, if you wish to, to point out specific instances of what you are warning about when and if you see them occurring.

  5. SKW wrote this when announcing his candidacy: “My relationship with God drives every major decision in my life. Each day I pray and then take time to read from the Bible and from a devotional named Jesus Calling.
    “As you can imagine, the months leading up to my announcement that I would run for President of the United States were filled with a lot of prayer and soul searching.
    “Here’s why: I needed to be certain that running was God’s calling — not just man’s calling. I am certain: This is God’s plan for me and I am humbled to be a candidate for President of the United States.”

    His devotional book “Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence,” by Sarah Young, is very controversial in the broadly diverse Christian evangelical community. Critics note that the book was written with Young “channeling,” a form of speaking in tongues, what she feels Christ told her to say.

    Seems like Walker is taking a similar approach with his campaign. Where will Walker’s next talking point come from — The Bible, through his personal “relationship” with God, or his handlers? All I know is, Oshkosh Corp. just got a huge contract to build armored trucks, and they will have to be put to use somewhere.

  6. Why am I not surprised that Walker is finally getting religion or “theology”? Is it not similar to a 1775 term, “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”?


    Scotty is such a phony which is today’s term for a “scoundrel.”

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