If Chris Abele isn’t running for governor, why did one of his associates set up a website in his name?

A couple of weeks ago Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele attempted to dispel rumors he was considering a run for governor in 2018 by issuing a flat denial of such rumors. At the time Abele said he “definitely” would not be running for governor in 2018, leaving little ambiguity about his intentions.

However, as capper of Cognitive Dissidence reported earlier today, the website www.abeleforwisconsin.com has been registered by Tia Torhorst, a close aide to Abele who formerly served as his Director of Legislative Affairs.

Then maybe Emperor Abele might want to explain this website:

Now, I know when you click on the link, it leads to a blank page.

But a couple of minutes of research leads us to this bit of information

[. . .]

The gentle reader will note that the website is registered to Cynthia Torhorst, aka Tia Torhorst.  It also includes the name of Jeff Peelen, his campaign treasurer.

Torhorst is the former aide to Emperor Abele who became his campaign manager and puppet candidate for the state assembly.

It’s worth noting that according to her LinkedIn profile, Tia Torhorst currently serves as the Political Director for the Abele for County Executive campaign, so it certainly seems that Chris Abele is starting to lay the groundwork for a gubernatorial campaign in 2018, even if he won’t just admit it publicly.


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