Is Scott Walker’s presidential campaign in trouble?

Earlier today, Associated Press writer Scott Bauer took to Twitter to note some vendors to Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential campaign are waiting to be paid more than $100,000.

Of course I’m no expert on the intricacies and inner workings of how presidential campaigns handle their finances, but the fact that some vendors to Scott Walker’s presidential campaign are owed more than $100,000 certainly doesn’t seem like a sign of a strong campaign.

Given his campaign’s flagging poll numbers and this most recent report, I can’t help but wonder at what his donors start to pull their support and gravitate to a more viable candidate.


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5 thoughts on “Is Scott Walker’s presidential campaign in trouble?

  1. And.notice what matters.most to Walker right now is what his donors think, and not the voters and other everyday people. And you wonderwhy this guy’s circling the drain?

    And not a very good look when most people’re a brainless puppet, and all these articles make it look like you’re beholden entirely to.your donors. That being said, I bet Scotty grifts his way through the Iowa caucuses in 5 months, unless his campaign is even more broke than I think it is

    1. I read it mentioned somewhere that he and his campaign folks are 100% committed to seeing the campaign through to March 2016, but I’m wondering how committed his campaign staff will be once they stop getting paid.

  2. As fast and furious as the Repub legislature is still bringing forth partisan legislation having little to do with jobs and the economy, except bills aimed at further undermining them both (fetal tissue ban), I almost forgot the recent talk, just a few weeks ago, about Walker’s campaign coming forth with an updated official accounting of campaign travel expenses owed to the state that need to be repaid. His personal security detail was reduced after Labor Day, but that was just part of the whole cost to the state of WI, picture.

    I’ve yet to notice further coverage, and anybody with info should chime in. I’m not sure where to begin looking.

  3. I suggest they submit the bills to the WEDC. Just make sure whoever is going to lose the paperwork understands the vendors are ‘friends’ of Scooter. Problem solved.

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