Just a few thoughts on Kim Davis

Here’s some food for thought:

If a fireman refused to put out a house fire and publicly stated he or she refused to put out the fire because the home owner was gay no one would praise him or her as a “hero.”

If a police officer refused to help people because they are gay and publicly stated that’s why he or she refused to help them he or she would be sued and fired.

If a postal worker refused to deliver mail to a gay homeowner and said publicly he or she refused to deliver mail for that reason, he or she would lose his job.

The fact is, Kim Davis swore an oath to do the job she was elected to do, and she’s not a hero, nor should she be hailed as one.


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3 thoughts on “Just a few thoughts on Kim Davis

  1. Zach, that is what will be the norm once state Republicons manage to get all public services privatized. Police, fire, ambulance, they just can’t stand still with all these, “socialistic,” theories ruling the day.

  2. Here are two suggestions for Kim Davis and Rev. Huckster:

    “Discover and read the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution regarding religious freedom for ALL at the Federal level and the 14th Amendment for ALL at the State Level.

    Then, Rev and Kim, you should discard your hate for and discrimination of your LGBT neighbors and replace the negative feelings and actioins with the counsel from the Holy Bible in the Second greatest Commandment to ‘love your neighbor as yourself.'”


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