Scott Walker Reeks of Havoc

Hey gang, our beleaguered Governor’s presidential campaign is in deep trouble and even the marvelously well thought out rhetoric ” Scott Walker will wreak havoc on Washington ” didn’t boost his standing in the polls. So it’s up to us to help our fellow Badger out with some fresh ideas. I like ” Scott Walker reeks of havoc “myself, but I’m not the only creative individual here so let’s get on this. How about: ” Don’t like Washington DC? Scott Walker will stink the joint up! ”

It’s your turn. Let the creative juices flow.


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12 thoughts on “Scott Walker Reeks of Havoc

  1. Scott saved us from the inept management of the Left via the Doyle/Barrett gang who drove us deep into debt, raised taxes everywhere, property taxes up 50%. Since Scott my taxes are not up at all. Thanks toyou Scott and the hell with the Lefty nuts that hate him.

    1. Bobby, you keep confusing logical analysis and factual policy failures Walker has been proven time and time again to have orchestrated, with hate. Nobody needs to HATE Walker to be able to figure out how inept and corrupt he’s been. 37 former government agency department heads turned into high salary favors to Walker appointed crony jobs for his best friends.

      Really tired of your playing the Walker victim card, claiming people not in favor of Walker are just hating him. Shows your obvious lack of perspective, too. We Christians love the sinner, just hate the sins. Isn’t that what conservatives preach? Common ground exists. You don’t seem to want to explore that option, just bitch.

      1. Every december I get my property tax bills and they have gone down. You silly haters and all your conspiracies are like the other nuts on the Left. Ron Johnson is head of the National Security committee, Feingold was biggest flake in congress.

        1. Wow Bobby, the topic was Walker tanking and surely swirling rapidly down the drain. You didn’t respond to anything I said. Just more bitching and general vitriol. Anybody can be a crank.

          Has your property lost that much value because nobody wants to buy or is able to buy anything in Wauwatosa, because their jobs are uncertain, because their business is shipping jobs overseas with the assistance of WEDC loans, grants or tax breaks? There are usually several reasons that property values drop, that would reflect lower taxes.

          But get back to the topic please.

  2. “walker Wants To Wreak Havoc On Washington. If He Can Do It In Wisconsin. He Can Do It Anywhere!”

    Jut remember, he said. We didn’t.

    1. He sure wreaked havoc on the democrats in Wis. Your top spokesman is Gwen Moore, three times loser head of worst managed city in US and Do nothings Tammy and Russ. good Luck.

        1. That would more correctly be, “incapable of doing anything,” except wasting taxpayer money and time on pointless law suits against the ACA.

  3. It’s getting tiresome, visiting this blog and seeing the same trolls derailing every other thread with references to Doyle, Obama, or whatever other Democrat that is completely irrelevant to the topic on hand.

  4. Thanks Steve, indeed we need to look at the claim by Walker to “wreak havoc on Washington.”

    Alas, he has a successful background at the Wisconsin state level in destructive and divisive behavior. Its effect is ongoing and harmful to all at the human level in Wisconsin.

    As one conservative observer here said, Walker, AKA John Doe continued, did it to Wisconsin Democrats. Unfortunately that included a gerrymandered majority of Wisconsin citizens including children, women, college students, the elderly, the poor, the ailing, education, the, unions and a living wage, our roads, postponed State debt, small school districts, the environment, and God knows what else. As for the 1%, they suffered no “wreaking” from Walker; quite the contrary.

    Reluctantly, but sorrowfully, I concede Walker is an expert in wreaking havoc. Wisconsin citizens and institutions are proof.

    “Oh, the humanity!”

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