Durham County’s Black Republican committee outreach fail

I’m just gonna leave this here.

Durham County's Black Republican committee

For some context, the photo shows a booth set up to promote the Durham County (NC) Republican Party Black Republican committee.


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3 thoughts on “Durham County’s Black Republican committee outreach fail

  1. Let’s be fair here, and I mean this with no snark. You have to start somewhere. I give them credit for trying. Now all they have to do is work on the message. The kind of message that automatically assumes you are a taker and only want ‘free stuff’ isn’t going to bring in the crowds.

  2. Five white people holding down the booth for the Black Republican Committee. It would probably help to have at least one person of color, even light skinned, actually in the booth. Look at the turn out.

  3. ROFL.. The Republican Party’s platform does nothing for African Americans. In fact, many of their policies marginalized African Americans. They do not openly acknowledge that the problems that USA citizens who are African Americans is the result of institutionalized discrimination and bigotry that continues today. They have no solutions, they just blame the victims.

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