Assault rifles & cheese

Found on Facebook…

Image courtesy Jacques Pepin's Facebook page
Image courtesy Jacques Pepin’s Facebook page

It says something about our country that we’d ban tasty French cheeses for no good reason while we continue to make excuse after excuse as to why reasonable gun control laws that would likely save lives can’t be enacted.


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10 thoughts on “Assault rifles & cheese

  1. From the small picture I can see at least 11 guns that are not automatic. I know you probably know very little about guns, but do a little research on what an automatic weapon is an what an assault weapon is!

    1. Yet there is not a single firearm in the illustration that could not be used in a deadly mass “assault,” even if not technically labeled as an assault weapon or is not technically an “automatic,” weapon.

      You’ve made no point in your comment as to why any of these weapons should not be under strict control as to who can purchase them and who is licensed to carry or to use them.

      I don’t see any in that small illustration that should not be completely banned except from strictly military use, and should not even be available for civilian LE.

    1. Jack, in your initial comment, you wrote “I can see at least 11 guns that are not automatic.”

      1. Do you concede now that was inaccurate?

      2. Do you concede now that the top six-rows, twenty-four weapons, are all automatic?

      3. What are the names of the eleven weapons you claim aren’t “automatic” in the bottom three rows?

      1. I was not wrong I can tell by the very small picture that at least 11 are not automatic! An automatic is a gun that you can pull the trigger and it fires multiple rounds. A semi-automatic is a gun that one round is fired per trigger pull. Most handguns are semi-automatic. The AR-15 which many people wrongly assume is an assault rifle is actually a semi automatic. Opening day of duck hunting happened last weekend. My dad has a semi automatic shotgun. My shotgun is not. I have to pump the gun in order to chamber a new round. My dad just has to pull the trigger. I won’t say the top twenty four guns are automatic. The picture is too small to tell. And yes John I can tell by the picture about the ones that aren’t automatic. One is a revolver.

        Look at how difficult it is to get a so called “assault weapon”

        1. Jack, thanks for answering my first two questions.

          1. Do you concede now that was inaccurate?

          You wrote, “I was not wrong…”

          2. Do you concede now that the top six-rows, twenty-four weapons, are all automatic?

          You wrote, “I won’t say the top twenty four guns are automatic.”

          Why won’t you answer the third?

          3. What are the names of the eleven weapons you claim aren’t “automatic” in the bottom three rows?

          Based on your response to my second question, I’m adding a fourth question.

          4. What are the names of the top 24 weapons?

          Please share with us your expertise.

          5. What are you seeing that leads you to your conclusions that these weapons are not “automatic?”

          6. How would you define an “assault weapon?”

          1. Ok John I finally found a picture that has the names of each weapon. What really great about the picture is that the person who made this picture took all the guns off of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. They did no research but found the guns scary looking so made a picture of them all. I will let you look into the NFA 1934 Act. For the following weapons when I say a civilian cannot purchase them I mean you and me. People in the United States can still purchase them, but must pass an extensive background check, the guns are very extensive, and the ATF has a list of names and addresses of the people that own them. A person who is intent on doing harm to a large number of people would not want to go thru all that trouble to purchase the majority of these guns. But let’s begin with the list.

            Famas- $10,500 Only semi-auto available in US
            M4A1- Cannot be sold to civilians
            Scar-H Cannot be sold to civilians
            TAR-21- semi auto
            FAL- Semi-auto
            M16A3- Cannot be sold to civilians
            ACR- Semi-Auto
            F2000- Cannot be sold to civilians
            Ak-47- Only Semi-auto version can be purchased
            Mp5k- Semi auto
            UMP .45- semi auto
            Vector- only Semi-auto version can be purchased
            FNP90- Cannot be sold to civilians
            mini-uzi- Only semi-auto version can be purchased
            L86-LSW- Cannot be sold to civilians
            RPD-Cannot be sold to civilians
            MG4-Cannot be sold to civilians
            Aug Hbar- Cannot be sold to civilians
            M240- Cannot be sold to civilians
            intervention- Bolt action rifle- not even a semi auto
            Barret .50 cal- $10,000 only available in Semi-auto
            WA2000- Semi Auto
            m14 EBR- Sniper rifle
            USP. 45- Semi Auto like most hand guns
            .44 Magnum Revolver- This is my favorite gun on the list. ITS A FREAKING REVOLVER
            m9- Semi auto like most hand guns
            Desert Eagle- semi auto like most hand guns
            PP2000- Semi Auto
            G18- Semi auto like most hand guns
            M93 Rafica- 3 round burst. more than a semi auto, but still not an assault rifle
            TMP- Semi Auto
            AR-12- Semi Auto
            Striker- Shotgun
            Ranger- its a double barrel saw-off shot shotgun

            So yes John, some guns would be considered automatic assault rifles, but cannot be purchased by civilians. The majority are only available in semi-automatic. I get it you post a picture of scary looking guns in hopes that it makes a point with low information people, which on guns includes the majority of the left. Now how about you look into the cheeses banned on the right side, and see how you can still buy most of those cheeses, but some are banned under certain conditions. I hope next time you look into guns, you do a little research yourself before praising a picture that was taken from a video game and lies about what the weapons are!

  2. Jack, with “friends,” like you, the Second Amendment doesn’t need enemies.

    1. Do you concede now that your comment on October 6 and both comments on October 7 were inaccurate?

    2. Does, “Cannot be sold to civilians,” mean “automatic?”

    3. Will you share the link that you claim informed your comment from last night?

    4. How would you define an “assault weapon?”

    5. Externally, how does the AR-15 differ from the M-16?

    6. Is it legal to buy templates, tooling, and manuals that turn semi-automatics into automatics?

  3. 1. I was not wrong. I said at least 11 were not automatic there’s actually 25 that are not automatic. So that already proves this picture is lying.

    2. Yes it does.

    3. No I used multiple links. If you like to check on my information go to google and type in each gun. Or just type in call of duty modern warfare gun list and guess what it shows the same damn picture.

    4. A fully-automatic weapon that fires rounds until the trigger is released p. Also known as a machine gun. going to assume you meant internally because it’s not how a gun looks, it’s how it functions! an aramalite rifle-15 fires semi automatic while a m-16 can fire a three round burst.

    6. Absolutely. You can also change a automatic transmission to Manual . It would be damn near impossible for a lot of these guns, but I’ll give you that it is possible.

    Now my turn for questions.

    1 isn’t it amazing that the original creator of this picture used guns from a video game?

    2. Since the original creator of this picture said these guns were automatic and actually 25 of them aren’t, is the creator wrong and should be discredited?

    3. Of the guns I listed as not to be sold to civilians, how many have been used in mass killings in America?

    4. Will you conclude that the original post is bullshit because it is a complete lie and tries to get people to beilieve something which a) the creator,of the picture didn’t research or B) knows all about these guns but chose to lie to further there cause?

    5. Have you even fired a gun, or taken a gun course?

    6. How do you propose the government get back all these guns that would be banned in liberal fantasy land?

    7. What’s your I plan to stop these mass shootings?

    8. Can you actually buy those cheeses in the US?

    And thanks John for saying the second amendment doesn’t need enemies . With idiots like you who beilieve this picture is the truth, the left doesn’t need to use truth or facts, people,like you will just beilieve it.

    I immediately challenged this picture due to the fact that I saw a revolver listed as an automatic. Since you probably have very little knowledge of guns, you couldn’t see right away that this was inaccurate. If the left wants to have a discussion about guns, maybe the right would be willing to talk if the left had any idea what they were talking about and didn’t just make up terms like assault weapon, which wasn’t even used until 1989. Your scare tactics might work for people who agree with you already but when presented with facts about what these guns actually are the whole country would see you as liars!

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