“Good guy with a gun” shoots and kills 4-year-old during road rage incident

What this situation could have used was a good guy with a gun.

A 4-year-old girl was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon during a road rage incident on Interstate 40.

A person of interest was detained around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday near Sunset and Central Avenue, police said.


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5 thoughts on ““Good guy with a gun” shoots and kills 4-year-old during road rage incident

  1. A brief check of this persons arrest history and record does not lead me to belive that he was a “good guy with a gun”.

    I’m unsure that this was anything other than a criminal committing another criminal act. How many criminals have killed in Milwaukee this year? Why is it the fault of law abiding gun owners when criminals commit deadly acts with illegally obtained weapons?

    I’m a black man with a legally obtained handgun with a concealed carried permit. Why should my rights to protect myself and my family be dictated by the action of crininals?

    1. Yeah, that happens when I get multiple personas posting from the same IP address. I don’t expect you to use your real name when you post here, but I do expect you to use one consistent persona, instead of at least a half dozen.

      I didn’t realize why you kept hitting comment moderation until I looked at your IP address and posting history.

      1. Thank you, Zach, finally.

        This joker uses CCAP quit a lot when posting as “The Strawman” on WEAU’s site, often in the same manner. Additionally, he uses it to dig up and disseminate legal misfortunes – often out of context – of those with whom he disagrees.

        1. If you are referring to me I don’t really have words. Funny that you don’t comment on the content of my post. I guess the truth i speak doesn’t fit your narrative.

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