Paul Ryan: our nation’s first bro Speaker

Over at Jezebel’s The Slot blog, Erin Gloria Ryan has a great piece about the first bro Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

In an age of billionaire nerds with chips on their slumped shoulders, bros are often caricatured as beefy dipshits or smeared as preening, bullying date rapists. Well, put a big fat tally in the W column, for bros of America have scored a resounding victory: Paul Ryan, bro king, has been elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Congrats, bro!

Ryan’s bro career spans his entire life. Born in the Midwest (bro, yes!) to a lawyer dad (again, feeling you, bro), Ryan went on to attend Miami University of Ohio, one of America’s most Bro colleges, where he joined a fraternity (which is basically the bro equivalent of a menarche) and majored in econ and political science, the most bro combination of majors behind, simply, “Business.”

He had two bro internships for proto-bros Senator Bob Kasten and Rep. John Boehner. He cites Ayn Rand as his political inspiration, yet identifies as a practicing Catholic, a philosophical conflict that encompasses two things bros love: holding to diametrically opposed ideas at once without thinking that might be perhaps-not-logically-sound, and loving female celebrities who would almost certainly hate them in real life.


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