Another Wisconsin company announces job cuts

But remember, Wisconsin is “Open For Business” under Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican rubber-stamp Legislature!

Twin Disc Monday announced local pay cuts for both salaried and hourly workers, and the elimination of 15 salaried positions as components of $4.3 million in cost-cutting actions.

This is the true story of Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, where jobs are fleeing the state faster than they’re being replaced.


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3 thoughts on “Another Wisconsin company announces job cuts

  1. No, Scott, it’s obviously not working.

    The Department of Workforce Development reports that 9,431 Wisconsin workers–not including the 1,000+ Oscar Mayer workers just announced–have been affected by mass layoffs and plant closings so far this year, compared to 6,186 for all of 2014. This is the most layoff notices by far reported of any year during Walker’s administration.

    On a related note, WEDC has announced Friday that its fifth Chief Financial Officer, Brandon Duck, is leaving after only seven months on the job. Jake Kuester, its Vice President of Credit and Risk since April 2013, is also leaving to work in lending with Wells Fargo in Minnesota. And Christine Lick, their Vice President of Human Resources, has taken a similar position with another Madison-area company.

    Also, Senator Tammy Baldwin requestedon Friday U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to take up a federal investigation into some suspect WEDC dealings that were revealed earlier this year in a Legislative Fiscal Bureau audit.

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