Colorado Springs, Planned Parenthood, and GOP Presidential Candidates

When is enough a f*cking nuff? The only credit that I’ll give the GOP riff raff is that no one said: ‘if only they had all been armed this would never have happened.”

And they should all be taking a real clear look at their positions and their comments prior to yesterday’s events…as they continue to demonize a women’s health organization. How many white Christian men have they radicalized over the past six months? How many more American born terrorists will they inspire?

I won’t go into the comments from their supporters…they are beyond the pale.

So let me close with a little snark from the internet:

Vigilantes Planned Parenthood


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3 thoughts on “Colorado Springs, Planned Parenthood, and GOP Presidential Candidates

  1. POTUS has stated he intends to see what he can do. Here’s a suggestion from me.

    Protection of any citizen’s right to life, i.e. not to be killed, injured or abused is the basis that the POTUS could employ to begin confiscation of certain types of firearms and simply just tell the NRA where to go. Never happen though, so no one need get too upset about it. Moral outrage was duly expressed and follow-up with any meaningful action will be ignored.

    As the NSA already has all the data on who should be subject to firearm confiscation and sent to the internment camps as having the greatest potential for repetition (copying) of terrorist acts such as this latest one in CO., public or secret rendition in the perpetual GWOT is all the legal justification needed to make it happen, per Bush/Gonzalas doctrine. Sort of like the Tuesday with Barry, reviewing and selecting from the kill lists used on foreign terrorists, but here carried out without the need of armed drones or actual killing. Easy-peasy.

    1. Although my suggestion may seem extreme and others have said to me that Barry doing anything would be only of a limited duration, I say why not a breather for a year or so for the near future victims who will be next in line with the next mentally unbalanced individual pushed to take action by the fascists running in that GOP primary race (credit to the exception Kasich for calling out Trump, for certain).

      The GWOT strategy against domestic TERRORISTS which I mentioned above is an extension of the fascism that the right wing has overtly supported since Reagan. This is a strategy that is manifest as a result of the Patriot Act where our rights were surrendered for supposed safety. I fought that at the time. I was with Feingold on voting against it and against anyone who favored it. But since it is here, why not use it on domestic terrorists, as it is the expected norm, to completely blow up (so-to-speak) the extreme right wing here at home. Use this proclaimed self righteousness against them and watch how fast they start arguing for more civil rights. Sort of like asking the question, if we are in a perpetual Global War On Terror, why doesn’t Congress declare it and immediately re-institute the military draft.

      Potus could just as easily declare a firearms cleanup based on and domestic terrorist rendition employed under a declaration of a public health emergency based on overwhelming testimony available from sympathetic emergency room physicians. Again gun rights loonies, Barry will just twiddle his thumbs.

      1. Extreme problems require extreme solutions.

        Born in the USA white male domestic terrorists should be confronted by state guard units activated by POTUS and stationed at all Planned Parenthood Clinics 24-7 for the duration of the threat or until all the cowardly “pro-life” thugs were “eliminated, whichever comes first. That would make it a fair fight!

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