Irresponsible Scott Walker wants you to help him retire his campaign debt

Weeks after his presidential campaign came to an end, Gov. Scott Walker is asking supporters to send him money to help retire his campaign’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in outstanding debt.

Walker’s campaign quickly burned through money during his 70-day campaign, spending more than $90,000 per day. According to the campaign’s latest federal paperwork, Walker raised nearly $7.4 million between July 1 and Sept. 30, spent nearly $6.4 million and had bills for $161,133. Walker maintained a large payroll of more than 80 and generous paychecks for top staffers, even as fundraising dried up. Walker’s campaign was known for paying more than many of its rivals, and at least 20 employees were paid at least $30,000 in less than three months — which over a year would total at least $120,000. Five employees earned more than $50,000 in salary and benefits during that three-month period, which would have totaled $200,000 over a year.

When Walker dropped out of the race, the campaign had nearly $1 million left, although that money was expected to go toward paying ongoing contracts, leases and other expenses that can continue even when a campaign stops. Those close to the campaign estimate he had a debt of roughly $700,000.

Scott Walker really has a lot of nerve…


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3 thoughts on “Irresponsible Scott Walker wants you to help him retire his campaign debt

    1. LOL! The recall process hasn’t been outlawed yet. Maybe another extraordinary state Senate session in the works? Senator Cowles safely voted against either the GAB or teh campaign financing “reform,” without bringing anyone along with him, unfortunately.

  1. What, Diane Hendricks and the Koch Brothers have gotten everything they ordered from him and now the wallets are closed? He has to ask the little people, oh, sorry, the ‘tremendous grassroots team of supporters’?
    I’ll send him a check when he pees in a cup to proves he deserves the money.

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