10 thoughts on “Is Ben Carson just a great big bullshitter?

  1. Yep, just a grifter playing a role in a party that’s full of them. His race helps to insulate him as well.

    Sort of a less abrasive/ more stoned version of David Clarke, when you think about it.

  2. Or maybe efforts to malign a widely admired black man is evidence of great big racism.

    1. ” Obamacare is the worst thing to happen in this country since slavery “. Ben Carson.

      Obamacare is as bad as slavery? Carson is both a great big bullshitter AND a flat out nutjob.

      1. Good catch on that Duane, and you can bet those numbers are lower than they were 6 weeks ago, since he’s been revealed to be even more of a fraud and a fool than we knew him to be then. African-Americans know a shucker and jiver when they see one.

        And that’s why Troll Boy Denis clings so tightly to Carson, because he’s the token that gives cover to the racist know-nothings that are a huge amount of today’s GOP. So Carson’s act gets Ben paid, and gives some PR to the white men who call the shots for the GOPs

  3. “Dr. Ben Carson is Not Smart.”


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