Minor attacks New Hampshire Planned Parenthood clinic

Here’s yet another example of the unhinged radical right-wing engaging in violent criminal behavior in an attempt to silence and intimidate those they disagree with.

A minor was arrested early on Wednesday after allegedly vandalizing a Planned Parenthood clinic in Claremont, New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported.

“Today’s damage was particularly extensive including the use of a hatchet to destroy computers, furniture, plumbing fixtures, office equipment, medical equipment, phone lines, windows and walls,” Police Chief Alexander Scott said in a statement.

Officers spotted the suspect while checking the building. Scott added that the suspect also defaced the office’s walls with spray paint, and that his actions also caused flooding that affected a business adjacent to the office. As a result, the clinic was closed as of Wednesday afternoon.

What we’re seeing with this attack and the recent act of domestic terrorism against the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs is (in my opinion) is individuals being incited to action (illegal, terroristic action) as a direct result of the hateful and inflammatory rhetoric coming from so many in the radical right wing in this nation.


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