No Authorization for the Use of Military Force Any Time Soon

Although there is bi-partisan support for an Authorization for the Use of Military Force in Syria being floated in the US Senate…it doesn’t stand a chance in the House:

In the aftermath of the massacre in Paris, a handful of persistent members of Congress are renewing their call to take up and vote on a bill formally authorizing America’s undeclared war against the Islamic State, legislation known as an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF ). Without it, lawmakers are shirking their constitutional duties, they warn.

Though some members, such as Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., and Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., are sure to continue their long campaign for an AUMF vote, many other lawmakers could keep trying to have it both ways: questioning Obama’s strategy and strategists in the media, while continuing to fully fund the military effort, known as Operation Inherent Resolve. The potent reasons for inaction in the Senate and House of Representatives rise out of policy differences as well as political demands, both on Capitol Hill and the campaign trail. Especially in election years, congressional leaders try to avoid scheduling controversial or difficult votes that might endanger vulnerable members or embarrass presidential hopefuls.

“These votes are difficult and complex, and folks have a natural aversion to them. This one is particularly tricky because it’s next to impossible to find the sweet spot on the sliding scale between people who want a narrow, tailored specific mission and people who want open-ended, robust missions,” said the aide.

Without a new AUMF, President Obama is operating under an old one that authorized use of force by President George W Bush after 9/11:

“The notion that a 14-year-old statute aimed at another enemy is any kind of substitute for congressional authorization is insufficient,” he (Flake) said. “This mission warrants its own authorization because we want it to succeed. We want the world to know that the United States speaks with one voice.”

and the House vote that won’t happen:

On the other side of the Capitol, newly minted Republican House Speaker Paul D. Ryan sounded less than enthused when asked at a press conference Tuesday whether the House would act on an AUMF.

“We have the authority right now under the existing AUMF, and we’ll revisit all of these issues later,” he said dismissively.

Paul Ryan…meet the new boss…same as the old boss…

So they all have their opinions on what the president is doing wrong…but nobody wants to put it down in writing!

but read the article…there is a lot more telling reasons why Congress is unable/unwilling to commit to ‘war’.

or backtrack to my post: Obama’s War In Syria Is Illegal Because Congress Is Yellow


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