Republicans working to kick unemployed Wisconsinites off unemployment

In their newest attempt to find creative ways to weaken or eliminate the social safety net for those Wisconsinites who need help the most, Republicans in the Legislature – led by Reps. Samantha Kerkman and Andre Jacque – are pushing Assembly Bill 212, which would kick folks off of unemployment for seven years (364 weeks to be precise) if they make more than two simple mistakes on weekly filing claims.

As their next move, no doubt we can expect Wisconsin’s Republicans to start implementing debtors’ prisons and indentured servitude as their “solution” to the social safety net for those Wisconsinites who need help the most.


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4 thoughts on “Republicans working to kick unemployed Wisconsinites off unemployment

  1. Caught the last part of an interview with Rep Chris Taylor (D-Madison) with Sly this evening and she was explaining the difficult process of applying for UC benefits on-line in WI, compound questions and simple mistakes made in the process are quickly being prosecuted as FRAUD by Walker and the Republican ideological adherence squad.

    We are talking about citizens, human beings attempting to play by the rules as they understood their situation, possibly and likely traumatized through outsourcing of jobs by WEDC funded employers or for any number of reasons, that now need assistance, not indifference and scorn over problems they did not create. Nope Walker’s way is to boot you off the UC benefit safety net to make his unemployment numbers look better. F- you is the message from him.

    Podcast not posted yet, but another fine discussion/interview by one of the few informed, intellectually brilliant, radio journalists left on the commercial airwaves in WI.

  2. Full employment how, possibly because DWD was informed of 8600 jobs being lost through corporate downsizing or moves out of state in the first 9 months of 2015?

    Fewer jobs certainly makes the employment numbers appear better. Who is left on the couch if everyone is working?

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