Scott Walker really wants to increase government efficiency….no really, he does!

Apparently this isn’t a joke…

“Walker creates new commission to work on making government more efficient”

Gov. Scott Walker is telling a new commission on efficiency that taxpayers expect government to be accountable and effective.

He said the government needs to operate in a balanced way so it provides needed services in an efficient way that protects taxpayers” money.


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6 thoughts on “Scott Walker really wants to increase government efficiency….no really, he does!

  1. Of course even when talking efficiency all he can talk about is cut, cut, cut and doing so he will make government fail. Efficiency, my….butt, yeah that’s the word.

  2. Some learn a job by having an applicable educational background.

    Some learn a job by having an innate common sense.

    Some learn a job by having an ability to apply logic for a solution.

    Some learn a job by having a conscience knowing right from wrong.

    Some learn a job by surrounding themselves with moral and learned advisers.

    Lacking any of these qualities, Walker is not only a failed governor, but is a flawed human being harming the middle class and especially the future of Wisconsin children.

    “Oh the humanity!”

  3. I hope this new commission is not modeled on another of Walker’s harebrained schemes, the WEDC.

  4. Well given that the opening presentation on how to improve efficiency was given by an “expert” from the Koch-funded Mercatus Center, I think we have a good indication that this thing is a pathetic sham, and a front for privatization and selling off of services.

    And it gives a nice resume bump and taxpayer check to Walker cronies in the meantime. Speaking of more efficient government, where was the “more nimble” WEDC while Oscar Mayer was planning its layoffs?

  5. And in the name of efficiency Walker has promised to veto any further legislative oversight on health insurance providers, saying basically he’s got that under control and further scrutiny would cause, “delays.”

    And when you are begging for engraved portraits of Hamilton to pay off your campaign debt to the state of WI and everyone else, can we safely assume the, “delays,” are likely significantly fewer, “good job Scotty,” tokens of appreciation from large state health insurance providers? Should any governor with such a heavy personal debt load be allowed to act on any state financial legislation and not recuse him or herself from the process completely?

    OT: Anyone not following Jake’s highly readable for the lay person, economic analysis is really missing the boat. Thanks Jake.

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