Sheriff David Clarke’s disgraceful response on Paris terror attacks

From Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s Twitter feed comes this tweet about the Paris terror attacks:

Sheriff Clarke’s tweet sums up how craven, opportunistic, and political so many conservatives can be when it comes to national security and the war on terror. Instead of trying to figure solutions to these problems, they’d rather worry about how to use them to win elections.


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3 thoughts on “Sheriff David Clarke’s disgraceful response on Paris terror attacks

  1. Tommy’s playing a role, and he’s doing what he is paid to do. Not by the taxpayers mind you, but by the Bradley and Fox News bosses that he really works for.

    How anyone thinks that megalomaniac is any kind of leader is a mark of just how weak-minded the average suburban poser is.

    1. Maybe I’m gonna display a modicum of poor reading comprehension here . . . or maybe just some ignorance, but who’s “Tommy”? I assume it’s someone who is fits well the description you gave; it’s just that there are so many possibles.

  2. The mostly disingenuous and public show of “grief,” and outrage directed at the wrong perpetrators every time there is another mass shooting in the US or abroad. How many hundreds of thousands of deaths and refugees have resulted as the direct result of US imperialism since WWII (history in a frame of those who may have lived at that time and are still here and remember it). US hegemony in the for of military disposition of the democratically elected governments and financial servitude wrough by world currency machinations and manipulation, just for starters and filled out with the now faceless millions, disrupted and dislocated and dismembered and misremembered, “Americans,” need to take another good look in the mirror.

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