State GOP Passed Law Allowing Car Sharing Companies To Violate Local Parking Rules

As one of the gazillion bills that Governor Walker signed into law on Wednesday is one that allows cars belonging to car sharing companies the ability to ignore local parking restrictions:

■Authorize carsharing organizations in some situations to park vehicles for extended periods on streets that ordinarily have limited hours for parking. The measure is aimed at fostering a new industry that would allow people to use vehicles for short periods of time.

This is really necessary? Foster a new industry? Isn’t this corporate welfare for a rather limited industry with little upside? I wish I had time to follow the money on this one!

And once again Madison decides to stomp on local control…opponents of big government my ass…opponents of every government but their own!


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1 thought on “State GOP Passed Law Allowing Car Sharing Companies To Violate Local Parking Rules

  1. I’m going to go off thread but while reading this I was reminded of ignored restrictions. Newly elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was disgusted by the smell of cigarette smoke permeating his new office.
    Former Speaker of the House John Boehner, well known for his heavy smoking, left Speaker Ryan an office in need of top to bottom cleaning (at our expense). Speaker Ryan went as far is to say it needed to be re-painted and the carpets all needed to be replaced. Apparently, Mr. Boehner ignored the “no smoking” policy.
    I guess Boehner believed he was above the law.
    As for this WI law giving special privilege to those who lobbied and contributed to be able to park unrestricted… I call BS! What a continued waste (blaze pink, transgender restrooms etc.etc.) of legislative power.

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