Trump: With Visions of Kristallnacht Dancing In His Head

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump quadrupled down on his pledge to deport all of the illegal immigrants in the US if he is elected:

Trump forcefully defended the controversial proposal that fueled his candidacy since summer, in which he would deport all undocumented immigrants and construct a wall along the border with Mexico to keep them out.

“We are a country of laws, we need borders, we will have a wall, the wall will be built, the wall will be successful and if you think walls don’t work, all you have to do is ask Israel,” said the reality television star. “The wall will work, properly done. Believe me.”

So the Donald is willing to risk destroying the economy identifying, arresting and deporting 11 million residents…not only will that take millions out of the US workforce, I can’t imagine what the cost could possibly amount to if we would actually try to accomplish that.

And I wonder how many of his housekeeping staff at his Trump hotels would suddenly need to be replaced under such an insane scenario.

BTW: The Canadian candidate, Senator Ted Cruz piled on Mr. Trumps bandwagon:

Cruz said that for many voters, illegal immigration is “a very personal economic issue” and added: “We’re tired of being told it’s ‘anti-immigrant.’ It’s offensive. I am the son of an immigrant who came legally from Cuba to seek the American dream, and we can embrace legal immigration while believing in the rule of law.”

The senator ignores one major issue around US Immigration laws…because of our 50 year antagonism with the Castro regime…Cuban refugees have had a very favored status amongst both legal and illegal immigrants.


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6 thoughts on “Trump: With Visions of Kristallnacht Dancing In His Head

  1. A Message From My grandma To The Thoughtless Jew Who Invoke The Holocaust

    As an Israeli I am pleased with the results of the U.S. presidential elections. I am, however, reserving any kind of euphoric response for a number of reasons.

    I don’t worship any man or woman. I believe that some better than others can achieve the goals I value and I pray that they triumph. In this past election, I had confidence in the ability of Trump to lead with honesty, clarity and courage towards those goals.

    While I am hopeful that Donald Trump will be true to his pledges regarding Israel and while I am hopeful that he succeeds in turning around America’s domestic and economic problems for the better as well as forging ahead with a foreign policy that is guided by wisdom and courage, I will not jump to conclusions or take anything for granted until the aforementioned is off the ground with concrete, meaningful steps in the right direction. He deserves the chance and I will gladly give him that.

    With that said, upon hearing the election results this past November 9th, I saw no reason to gloat that my preferred candidate won. I saw no reason to rub defeat in the face of the opposition in general, nor in the face of many of my liberal minded friends.

    I understand how disappointed they are. I understand their concern for their country. I respect those feelings. I too was highly disappointed when Obama was elected. Twice. I too was concerned for a myriad of reasons. I know what it feels like to have your candidate lose.

    But I did not take to the streets and burn the American flag. I did not question the electoral process. I did not call my liberal friends every name in the book. And although Obama aligned himself with people who were not at all friendly to Israel, to say the least, I certainly did not take cheap, insensitive shots and invoke the Holocaust to get any point across.

    THAT is intolerable. Aside from it conveying sheer ignorance, it is selfishly insensitive to the highest degree. How dare any of you compare this past November 9th to Kristallnacht? How dare any of you compare Trump to Hitler? How dare you insult our millions that perished in the Holocaust? How dare you usurp the aged and weakened voices of the few survivors who are still alive today?

    “Du Bist Ah Naar,” my father would say to each of you “pishers”. “What do you know from any of it? You know nothing.”


    Unfortunately, social media is deluged with these downright stupid and vile posts by a number of liberal Jews. I’ve tried to ignore them. Their wall, their right to their own stupidity I suppose. But, as the hours of the day passed when posts by Jewish liberals repeatedly invoking the Holocaust, including a particular article written on Kveller, was brought to my attention, and then when it was pointed out to me that an editor of Times of Israel posted about the anniversary of Kristallnacht in a “just saying” type of style that it fell out on the day Donald Trump won the election, that crossed the line of all lines.

    I felt violated on behalf of my people who perished in the Nazi pits of hell and who have no voice today to counter the thoughtless, uncaring, heedless pishers who post such rubbish. I felt ashamed that such sinister comparisons of Trump to the onslaught of the Holocaust were made by members of the tribe. I felt violated on behalf of my grandma a, Holocaust survivor. Oh, how she’s a filled with anger and pain at the supreme insensitivity and idiocy of their fellow Jews.

    On behalf of my grandma who is elderly and too weak to take on you arrogant pishers, I, with her permission, will be her voice and demand of you to stop callously using our dead to adorn your posts and articles. You may do your research and report responsibly on political events. You may question Trump’s policies. You may question his abilities. But you may not use the Holocaust for your own personal gain. You may not invoke the Holocaust to “win” likes on social media. Just stop your arrogant, imprudent, mindless statements and know when to shut the hell up.

    1. “Never Again”…right? During his campaign Donald Trump vowed to round up and deport millions of human beings living in the United States. He threatened to ban Muslims from entering the country. He suggested that Muslims already living here be registered and watched (this might seem familiar to you). He was endorsed by white supremacist groups (including David Duke who claims to be a National Socialist – something you might be familiar with) and the Ku Klux Klan.

      Maybe this doesn’t concern you because, well, they hate black people…and they hate brown people…and they hate gay people….and the hate Muslim people…and they hate women…but guess what…they hate Jews…they hate everyone who is not like them.

      And since the election some of these groups have held celebratory parades in support of Donald Trump. And there have already been documented attacks on gay people…and women…and Muslims…and blacks…and Hispanics…and uncounted threats. The Southern Poverty Law Center has already documented 200 such attacks. I hope you aren’t saying this is ok.

      “Never Again”. So when do we step in and prevent “Again”? When they start rounding up minorities? When they start incarcerating them? When they start loading them in trains and buses and send them out of the country? When they start dying? By then it’s too late.

      You have to start resisting when it you can smell it, feel it, sense it, see it. And that is now…just like it was when I wrote the original article a year ago in November 2015.

  2. It is too early to forecast what Trump will do and what was real, BS, lies, delusional, or doable in his campaign promises.

    After talking with a few Trump supporters in my family and friends who I thought were Dems or Dem-friendly, I was totally surprised by their rejoicing at his election.

    We’ll have to wait and see, but Trump may turn out to be a friend of the politically disappointed and/or a nightmare come true to the Conservatives, Republicans,
    Wall Street, and the modern day “Robber Barons.

    Let’s not be too hasty as we were in our predictions, including myself, that Hillary would succeed and Trump would fail. Unfortunately, the bad guys were joined by some of the good guys to elect Trump.

    1. Yes, I missed the date, but I believe my reply answers both the past and current. Your title is applicable to both.

      Did we not experience a “Kristallnact” in the recent election with the smashing or breaking of so many Democratic political careers, current and those seeking?

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