Tyson Foods to close Jefferson plant, eliminating 400 Wisconsin jobs

Clearly Tyson Foods didn’t get the message that according to according to Gov. Scott Walker Wisconsin is “Open For Business.”

As part of efforts to improve the overall performance of its prepared foods business, Tyson Foods Inc. announced Thursday afternoon plans to discontinue operations at its plants in Jefferson, Wis., and Chicago, Ill.

Company officials said the closings will enable Tyson Foods to use available production capacity at some of its other prepared foods facilities. Both the pepperoni plant in Jefferson and the Chicago facility, which makes prepared foods for the hospitality industry, are expected to cease operations during the second half of the company’s fiscal year 2016, which ends Oct. 1, 2016.

The decision will affect approximately 880 people, including about 480 at Chicago and about 400 at Jefferson.


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5 thoughts on “Tyson Foods to close Jefferson plant, eliminating 400 Wisconsin jobs

  1. Guess Blogging Blue didn’t get the message about the Milwaukee Tool expansion in Brookfield, or the 15,000+ private-sector jobs created in Wisconsin in Oct.

    Of course, if Jim Doyle were still Governor, we’d have heard about both, and the Tyson Foods news would have been ignored.

    Such is the pathetic, corrosive state of political blogging today.

    1. Waukesha Wingnut,

      When you get serious about wealth inequality, you’ll note that Gov. Walker doesn’t dare to mention that, “(Federal) Taxes For Revenue Are Obsolete.”


      State and local governments are different. Their budgets have to balance, just like a family’s.

      The U.S. dollar is a public monopoly. We don’t borrow dollars from China or our grandchildren. The U.S. cannot default on a debt denominated in dollars, except by choice. If the U.S. borrows in something other than dollars, all bets are off.

      Now do you understand what economists mean by “demand leakage?”

      Please apologize to Zach for your “pathetic” and “corrosive” comment.

  2. Meanwhile our state GOP leaders are focused on legalizing switchblades, pink hunting gear, and making sure the “wrong” kids don’t use certain public bathrooms. Priorities screwed up a bit here in Wisconsin?

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