Here’s a question for all the Obama “birthers” out there

So there’s still a sizable number of folks in this country who believe (despite all evidence to the contrary) that President Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, but was instead born in Kenya.

Curiously though, those same folks who are up in arms at the thought of a foreign-born President Obama don’t seem to be nearly as upset about the possibility of Republican Senator Ted Cruz being elected president, despite the fact that Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The last time I checked, Calgary, Alberta, Canada is not in fact a part of the United States, so it seems only logical that birthers should be shocked and appalled at the thought of a foreign-born president.


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3 thoughts on “Here’s a question for all the Obama “birthers” out there

  1. Being one of the biggest birthers, Donald is sure to play this “Trump card” at the most effective time. If it’s played by a democrat it’s likely to have little impact. If it’s played by Trump those dimwits that make up the Republican base are sure to knock Cruz down a few polling points. Can’t wait to watch this unfold. Go Trump Go!

  2. The reason Cruz has given for his legitimate candidacy actually makes the story even more funny. Apparently, because Cruz’s mother was a U.S. citizen, it makes no difference where he was born. Most of the GOP, including Trump, have accepted that answer.

    What they apparently fail to realize is that the entire birther conspiracy rests on where Obama was born, but doesn’t take into account that Obama’s mother was also a U.S. citizen, a fact that is not disputed. In other words, he could have been born in Kenya or Libya or Madagascar; it doesn’t matter. He’s a natural citizen because he was born to a natural citizen.

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