3 thoughts on “Thursday Music: Barry McGuire: Eve of Destruction

  1. Sadder yet, not much will change with the lote vote, even if it happens to be Sanders on top. One can almost imagine the 1% hired corporate campaign designers, have the Trumpet purposely poised to throw moderate conservatives to the Hillary to bolster her numbers, as Sanders happens to be a bit more popularly acceptable at the moment.

    Sanders is an Imperialist on par with any of the worst of them. Despoiling our nation and our people, perpetually fueling the our machine (pardon the usual verbal shorthand) of corporate world dominance. Sanders will not change anything. Voting to allow the usual suspects in the employ of our fascist leaders of all strips is not going to change things.

    Granting our tacit approval to the next round of “rulers,” cut from the same old bolt of cloth doesn’t amount to real change or anything in the way of improvement. Until we get beyond the cancerous destruction of our earth (Paris, COP21 failure) and her people, us, as no other economic/social system will be allowed to ever be tried than the one already subsuming all natural and human resources into their total service, with no regard to any future for any of us or the planet we depend on.

    1. I would say that engaging America in yet another war is surely destructive, just as Viet Nam was to all those involved, only the stakes are much higher now. The Republicans have been pushing for war in the Middle East for a long time, and unfortunately, Obama and Hillary Clinton have mostly continued the foreign policy that Bush/Cheney brought out. The media as of late has amplified the drumbeat for war, non-stop, linking immigration policy with the terrorist threat.

      On Nov. 13th came the attacks in Paris, and on Nov. 23rd a Russian jet flying over the border of Syria was shot down by Turkey, bringing the East and West terribly close to the breakout of war.

      Bernie Sanders spoke at Georgetown University on Nov. 19th, offering his view on “democratic socialism,” along with the way he sees our foreign policy. The media has ignored his campaign ever since, blogs included:


      As we are all wanting to be fully informed before casting our primary and general election votes, I hope people take the time to view one of the few chances we have for Democrats for debate the DNC has arranged, broadcast this Saturday, Dec. 19th, at 7:00pm, hosted by ABC News.

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