Doesn’t Ben Carson Understand How Polling Works?

An interesting article from the Washington Post has a somewhat whiny Ben Carson dumping on Donald Trump. Big deal…that will be the main theme at tonight’s debate if Mr. Trump in fact doesn’t show for the last GOP debate before the Iowa Caucus.

But what was interesting is how Dr. Carson explains exactly how polling works to complain that the polling in Iowa isn’t correct…it goes something like this:

“A lot of the people who are supporting us are people who have not traditionally been in the political arena. And those are people who are not polled. You only poll likely voters,” the retired neurosurgeon told reporters at a Bloomberg Politics Breakfast Briefing in Des Moines.

Dr Carson: There is no point in polling people who aren’t going to vote even if they support you…and your job is to motivate your supporters to get out and vote. That is how it works…no really…I’m not kidding.


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