Frustrated Voters Want An Upheaval In Washington

Multiple articles dissecting the current support for presidential candidates like Democrat (nee Independent) Senator Bernie Sanders and Republican real estate mogul Donald Trump and Teahadist Senator Ted Cruz claim they support their candidates because of the inertia in Washington. Nothing is getting done and the country has fallen into one malaise or another.

Well, no matter who is sent to the Oval Office in 2017, not much is going to change when these very same voters send back to Congress the very same cabal of do nothings that they always do. Want change in Washington? Move out the long term incumbents at the same time.

In Iowa, Voters on the Edges May Set Tone for Primaries

Iowa Will Gauge Ardor to Upend Politics as Usual


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9 thoughts on “Frustrated Voters Want An Upheaval In Washington

  1. Ed, thank you for this post.

    Things are really reaching a pressure boil. Chuck Todd is so concerned. Why lump Sanders voters into the same camp with Trump and Cruz? This is complete nonsense.

    Yes, people are frustrated by little movement in Congress. But why make things worse by making deals that only move things farther to the right? This last budget proposal by Paul Ryan and GOP brings around another round of welfare reforms that are far more extreme than 1996.
    Just what our Bradley Foundation would push.

    But maybe this is all about racism and sexism. It’s certainly not about ageism.

  2. Why include Sanders voters? That is fairly obvious. They are focused on just one thing: Feel the Bern? But they have no plans beyond that. With the same ole same old Congress, Sanders will get done exactly what Obama got done…damn near nothing.

    1. This seems a bit disingenuous. A Sanders presidential victory would mean huge turnout of youth, minority, and working class voters across the nation. Sanders would carry Democrats up and down the ticket. Of course, Hillary Clinton could do the same, but I think the odds of major change in Washington increase with Sanders more than Clinton.

    2. “Damn near nothing” in his second term but in his first… The Small Business Jobs Act, middle-class tax relief and job creation act, serve America act, fraud enforcement and recovery act, stock act, credit card act, Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act, affordable care act, food safety modernization act, Iran sanctions, accountability and divestment act, hire act, American vets act, healthy hungry free kids act, new start treaty act, student aid and physical responsibility act, the Wall Street reform and consumer protection act, and the veterans benefit act. There’s more. (Sorry about lack of capitalization)

      I agree. Without getting some of the numb skulls out of the House (mostly Republicans but not limited to only Republicans) little will change if another Dem, including Sanders, is elected. However, put Cruz or Trump in office and watch the country go the way of WI. Unfortunately the house will probably remain under Republican control. The worst scenario is if Hillary is elected. There is absolutely no motivation to work with her. As a matter of fact, as we’ve seen, they are already plotting.

      Sadly, no candidate drums up the excitement and feeling of change that Obama did. I was truly inspired and felt a 60’s vibe surrounding Obama. That feeling long ago fizzled. Can it be reincarnated in another?

      1. I agree, WB; you’re on the right track, but I believe there is one other major factor that neeeds to be addressed or corrected. It is gerrymanderiing!

        States such as Wisonsin send “minority’ elected representives to Washington to represent all as a result of a 10 year revision of DISTRICTS that makes my vote a waste of time in my Congressional district. All legislation begins with the Speaker of the House representing the majority and who presides over introduction of all legislation. As long as this situation exists, no legislation of substance or permanency representing the true majority of the public can be enacted. President Obama ‘s second term is evidence of this fact as is the public’s 13% approval of Congress. I don’t see how Bernie, Hillary, or even the donald can change this corruption of Democracy and the will of the majoriity of citizens.

        I recently contacted my State senator concluding with this statement; “The deliberate efforts you cite to thwart Democracy by an unjust gerrymandered majority seem s to me as not only alien to the spirit of our State Constituion, but also warranting and qualifying for legal action by the people against a majority legislative body who continually changes or omits reasonable and necessary rules to deny citizens a voice and to satisfy special interestsl.”

        The U.S. Supreme Court must restore the voice and will of the majority in determining legislation both at the State and Federal level Gerrymandering must go!

      2. I spoke to soon! Bernie may be rekindling the fizzled out feeling. Way to go Bernie! Now let’s take it to the rest of the country. Go Bernie Go!

  3. Ed, with all due respect, it wasn’t Congress that stopped President Obama’s DOJ from indicting even one Wall Street CEO.

    Did you miss billionaire Mike Bloomberg saying he might run? That’s blue dog Dems telling Wall Street they won’t let Sen. Sanders win the Dem nomination.

    Just prior to the 2014 mid-terms, President Obama abandoned wealth inequality talking points. Instead he used the “bully pulpit” to talk about terrorism. That crushed any hopes Dems had of retaking the Senate.

    The moving graph (from 1970 to the present) in the link below is excellent.

    “America’s Middle-class Meltdown: Core shrinks to half of US homes”

    If Sen. Sanders is elected president, he’ll stay on wealth inequality. He’s forcing all the other candidates to talk about it.

    Have you missed Sen. Sanders talking about Wall Street? Sounds to me as though Wall Street knows that he’s got a plan.

    Have you missed Sen. Sanders talking about infrastructure? Did you miss him calling for Gov. Snyder to resign? Two days later Sec. Clinton did too. Sounds to me as though he’s got a plan.

    Have you missed Sen. Sanders talking about student loan debt? Sounds to me as though he’s got a plan.

    I’m not a fan of his foreign policy, but it has bi-partisan support.

    How can anyone, who is serious about collective bargaining, not support Sen. Sanders?

    AFAIK, the only issue on which Sec. Clinton is further left is gun control.

    I sent Sen. Sanders $500, that I couldn’t afford, because I think the only hope of holding Gov. Walker, Mike Grebe, and others accountable will come from a Sanders’ DOJ.

  4. Definitely agree with this assertion. Without a hard-right Congress, there would be little a President Cruz or President Trump could accomplish. RINO’s need to be primary-challenged as much as necessary with true Conservatives, IMHO.

    We’ve seen what’s possible in Wisconsin, now we just need to keep steadily working towards the same goals nationally, as a party.

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