Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg raises more money than Walker appointee Rebecca Bradley

According to a report from the Wisconsin State Journal Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg, one of two candidates vying to unseat Justice Rebecca Bradley, who was appointed to her seat by Gov. Scott Walker, has raised the most money of the three candidates in the race.

Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley has raised the least amount of money so far in the race to keep her appointed seat on the state’s highest court.

According to Bradley’s campaign, she raised $229,870 in 2015. Candidates state Appeals Court Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg raised $278,447 and Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Joe Donald raised $250,657 in 2015.

There’s no doubt this report will prompt conservative special interest groups like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) to pour money into assisting Bradley’s campaign, because the last thing the right wing in Wisconsin wants is to lose their stranglehold on the State Supreme Court.


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2 thoughts on “Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg raises more money than Walker appointee Rebecca Bradley

  1. I don’t see how anyone can be compelled to vote for Bradley. Blatant Walker lackey (three appointments by the governor), and released incomplete/falsified schedule records. Even hardcore Republicans should look at Bradley and ask, “Can’t we do better?”

  2. Glad to hear that Rebecca Bradley has gotten the least among the candidates. I suppose the bigger money contributions will happen after the February 16 primary. That’s when these outside groups will come in and spend loads for influencing the election outcome.

    Bradley needs to be exposed for what she is and who she is beholden to. She closely associates with WMC, where she can promote her campaign, boasting about her questionable judicial philosophy of “originalism,” something that is altogether political, as WMC well knows (see https://www.wmc.org/issues/the-proper-role-of-the-judiciary/ , a reprint of a feature she had from July 2015 in WMC’s Wisconsin Business Voice publication). Bradley would give a (paid no doubt) speech to WMC’s Government Relations Council in September, just around the time of the announcement of her campaign bid for Supreme Court and Court appointment by Scott Walker.

    WMC and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce love lawyers that follow this way of thinking, which was promoted heavily since the early 1980s by the Federalist Society. Scott Walker loves making those Federalist Society appointments so much that he made Michael Brennan head his
    Judicial Selection Advisory Committee, as he would reveal he made to the group in Washington, D.C., with Rebecca Bradley, Brian Hagedorn, Dianne Sykes and others in attendance. The speech was made just at the time that the legal fight to end the John Doe II investigation would be launched. See what Scott Walker has in mind for Wisconsin, all made possible with the right kind of judiciary:



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