Sunday Meditation From Thailand

I just returned from three weeks in Thailand…feeling refreshed and ready to get back into the 2016 campaign season. But I took a few photos at the Buddhist temple Wat Phra Sing in Chiang Mai Thailand that I will share over the next few Sundays. I hope that you enjoy one or more:



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2 thoughts on “Sunday Meditation From Thailand

  1. Ah so, Mr. Ed, how apt is the wisdom of these words.

    I am reminded of my musings or meditation reading the “Burma Shave” roadside truths in the travelings of my youth.

    Unfortunately, I am unable to assume the Lotus position at my advanced age without suffering unbearable pain to obtain the the full benefit of your suggested reflection. My unworthy legs would need artificial correction or replacement of both hips and knees.

    I apologize for using a western technique or position of my recliner to meditate on the great truth above:


  2. Loved the Burma Shave signs…and the recliner is my preferred meditation site as well. In the Thai temples I was forced to assume the mermaid position to sit comfortably…legs to the side and back instead of lotus or kneeling positions.

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