Buy a gun on Monday, murder someone on Tuesday

Thanks to Republicans in Wisconsin, murderers can buy a gun on Monday and murder their victims on Tuesday!

O’Kroley, 26, of Madison, was charged Friday with first-degree intentional homicide after he allegedly returned to the Metro Market on Tuesday night and shot Nosal, 24, of Stoughton, in the head and abdomen after she left work for the night.

O’Kroley was also charged with first-degree reckless endangerment for allegedly shooting at Madison Police Officer Michele Walker, as she tried to arrest O’Kroley near East Towne Mall on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the criminal complaint filed Friday, O’Kroley told police he bought the gun he used to shoot Nosal after Metro Market fired him by phone on Monday afternoon, and he had intended to use it that night.

You’ll recall it was Republicans in the Legislature who did away with Wisconsin’s 48-hour waiting period for gun purchases.


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2 thoughts on “Buy a gun on Monday, murder someone on Tuesday

  1. I thought the three stooges for the gun lobby, Larry Walker, Moe Voss, and Curly Fitzgerald were pro-life?

    But seriously, the Wisconsin Republican leaders enabled or at least contributed to this tragic and and unnecessary death.

  2. And of course the right wingers will reflexively say, “Well, he could have found some way to get a gun if he really wanted to.” That might be true, but why does the government have to be involved in making it easier to commit murder?

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