Hiding the Debates On Saturday Night

Hey…where’s all the complaining about hiding the debates?

When the Democrats were doing Saturday night debates…the Sanders forces were complaining that the Democratic National Committee was hiding the debates to give Hillary Clinton an advantage over their shining light that is Bernie Sanders.

But look…the Republicans held one on Saturday February 6th and their next one is Saturday February 13th…and no one’s complaining that they are burying their debates to hide their bright lights under a bushel basket.

What the…?


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2 thoughts on “Hiding the Debates On Saturday Night

  1. Why would the Sanders forces be concerned about Hillary getting an advantage based on when a GOP debate is held?

    1. I am sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. When the Dems had Saturday night debates the Sanders camp thought that no one would watch them…which would be an advantage to Clinton since everyone knew more about her than they knew about Sanders…he wouldn’t be able to make his case before the national audience.

      So I was contrasting that to the Republicans having Saturday night debates and no one in the GOP camp has complained that it will limit the audience or their exposure to the public.

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