Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division employee files lawsuit, alleges racism

Meanwhile in the Behavioral Health Division of Chris Abele’s administration…

She has the most seniority on the job at Milwaukee County’s Behavioral Health Division, yet Doris Ellison says Milwaukee County is ignoring her seniority and she is alleging racism.

Ellison believes she has a good case, and so do some others.

Ellison, a certified nursing assistant for Milwaukee County’s Behavioral Health Division, came to the Milwaukee County Courthouse with paperwork in hand and the backing of her labor union.

“This week, the county forced her to work third shift for the first time since 1990,” Dennis Hughes, with AFSCME Council 32 said.

But there is more to this story than a simple shift change.

Ellison alleges racism and officials ignoring her seniority are factors.

Ellison was working in long-term care with psychiatric patients for the county. Milwaukee County officials closed the facility and Ellison said she applied to take other first shift positions, but never got one.

“They’ve been hiring people off the street and giving them positions over all of us,” Ellison said.

Representatives with Ellison’s union say Act 10 led to Milwaukee County officials ignoring seniority.


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