The stunningly ironical implosion of the Clinton campaign

Since the Iowa caucus just one week ago today as of this writing ( which Sanders may have won ) the Clinton campaign and their allies have made a series of public mistakes that you would not expect from people who are supposed to be among the most politically astute in the country.

First we have the spectacle of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein, who helped facilitate the near crash of the global economy back in 2008, telling us that the Sanders campaign represents a dangerous moment.

Next up: former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who told CBS 60 Minutes Leslie Stahl that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children due to US led sanctions was, basically, acceptable, telling women who support Sanders that there’s a special place in hell FOR THEM!

Not to be outdone, feminist icon Gloria Steinem tells Bill Maher that young women of the millenial stripe are supporting Sanders over Clinton because, well, that’s where the boys are.

One would think that the rapid succession and almost instantaneous blowback ftrom these ill advised public comments would be enough to give Hillary’s campaign people pause, but one would be wrong.

Yesterday former President Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, of White House intern Monica Lewinsky, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar fame, comes out with fists flying and slams the Sanders campaign for his online supporters, wait for it……. sexism! Bill Clinton accuses others of………………..sexism!

This, in particular, is the most abhorrent attack of all given the likelihood that the entire ” BernieBro’s ” brou haha is little more than a concoction created by pro-Clinton opinion people out to smear Sanders. As Glenn Greenwald very excellently lays out in The Intercept, there is very little hard evidence to back the claim up.

And the irony isn’t over yet. Blankfein was right about this being a dangerous moment, just not in the way he meant. If the Clinton people keep up these kinds of despicable campaign tactics they run the risk of seriously fracturing the great mass of emerging progressive voters only nine months out from the November election.

And that could result in a dangerous moment indeed.


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18 thoughts on “The stunningly ironical implosion of the Clinton campaign

  1. What will “fracture progressives” isn’t the “Clinton people,” whatever that means. (Hey, at least you didn’t use the phrase “Clinton mafia!”) What will “fracture progressives” is the meme being pushed by Sanders and Sanders supporters that Hillary is exactly the same as the GOP and that she’s bought and sold exactly as the GOP is bought and sold. That’s a truly dangerous meme being pushed by the Sanders campaign which could cause large amounts of Sanders supporters to stay home. But of course it’s all the fault of the “Clinton people” if that happens…. Sanders’s high ideals are worth supporting, but not at the cost of the GOP winning the White House. Don;t make the perfect the enemy of the good.

  2. Steve, so it’s all over?

    Based on your topic title, we can conclude you’re message of doom is calling the winner and it’s no use going to the Primary?

    Do you forecast it will be the Berne versus the Donald or whoever from the clown car on November 8th? I fear when the conservatives get through with Bernie, he will be likened to the second coming of that “great humanitarian and socialist,”Joe Stalin.

    I hope you, Zach and Ed have a lot of music ready to solicit open threads. Here’s one appropriate for your dooms-day message:

    I especially like the mournful “Dies Irae” which may be also appropriate for Wisconsin’s state song under Walker.

    1. Steve, I have no doubt that the view or opinion of Currey is one in which he believes and as apparently you accept unconditionily.

      Forgive me, but I am a “doubting Thomas” and opt to let the results unfold over a reasonable period of time which will then reveal if it was more than just a bad guess or wishful thinking. Besides, I have never heard, seen, or experienced a “stunningly ironical implosion” but I have seen many fireworks that fizzled.

  3. This seems to me to be a replay of April 2008 when the idea that certain “Obama boys” were misbehaving, implying “sexist” motives. It was an effort to steer the discussion away from the course the media was focusing on at the time, a ploy that served to create some dissention among the Democratic ranks of men and women.

    Primaries are needed to give voters the chance to decide who the best nominee should be, rather than letting the Party elites decide. This is just what the Sanders campaign has been saying. Let’s not be distracted by this move to misdirect the focus on issues, and realize that there really are differences between Sanders and Clinton, about policies… And it was not sexist or “socialist” to vote against what Margaret Thatcher stood for.

  4. because Hillary Clinton is a woman, she thinks she has to appear tough. Her husband never uttered a tough word in his campaign, but always pleaded for reason with winning results. Every one knows Hillary is tough. She is not swayed by public opinion, as she showed by sticking by Bill despite all the sympathy turning to ridicule and abborance when she refused to play the victim wife. Burnie will be a disaster as president, as would any of the Republicans running today, All Hillary has to do is show the people why she is so much the best choice.

  5. Hillary’s concession speech this evening did not seem to resemble anything like a “suddenly ironical implosion.” In fact it seemed more like a celebration of an honest effort and “we have just begun to fight.”

  6. I think that either Sanders or Clinton could trounce whichever of the Republican candidates prevails. Furthermore, there is no reason why a Sanders presidency would be a disaster. He would be, I’m sure, more responsive to the will of the people than Hillary. A peek into both of their pasts would reveal Bernie marching with MLK and Hillary backing Barry Goldwater. Food for thought.

        1. Thanks for ALL the news. I too was a high school conservative, but eventually saw the LIGHT of liberalism. I may have a few years left in this life and may in time even become a progressive. Hallelujah !

          BTW, I became a liberal soon after I and my black buddy on a train layover were chased back to the station in a large southern city in 1954 by some punks who outnumbered us 6 or more to 2. We were wearing our USAF uniforms at the time but we had violated the local ethic of “White Only” and “Blacks.”

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          1. And the controversy continues…

            If Bernie says he pees standing up will that alienate those potential voters in the toilet industry or add those in the urinal industry?

            Saying they, Bernie and Hillary, were involved with civil rights 54 years ago doesn’t sway me. What have they done LATELY?
            Most African American voters won’t be swayed either. It comes down to, as always, who’s the lesser (white) evil. We all have to assume they are telling the truth as we assume one pees standing while the other sits… Which is which is the real question!

            To get back on topic…
            It does seem the Clinton campaign is making some amateur mistakes. However, it is getting messy on both sides. Don’t forget to wash your hands!

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