Tulsi Gabbard Takes Charge

Yesterday, US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) announced that she’s resigning from the DNC and supporting Bernie Sanders for president. Her statement in the video below is powerful. Given that she’s only 34 years old, I’d say we’re maybe looking at a future president of the United State of America.


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3 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard Takes Charge

  1. Thank you for posting this inspiring video– the gloom of today will diminish with the efforts of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and other young leaders of a bright tomorrow.

  2. Go Tulsi,

    While the people of the US must decide their own fate, the world is watching as our fate is tied to the decisions made in the US, as is that of the people of the world.

    It may not appear relevant – even ironic – that the father of the atom bomb might give us advice from the past.

    However, I suggest that the good folks (and bad) listen again to the podcast from the BBC Reith Lectures by J Robert Oppenheimer, (1956) as to how we might get along with each other without blowing ourselves up. While the lecture is on “Science and the Common Understanding” it is very calm, philosophical advice.

    And get away for the “Paranoid style in America Politics”.

    But perhaps we have become too insane, too accepting of the delusion of manifest destiny of some and some weird notion of something called exceptionalism, of poverty amongst extreme wealth, and that the oligarchs aren’t going to let go!

    Lets have some sane people like Tulsi! Or God help us.


  3. Tulsi is not alone; there are many of us who decry the plight of the economically suppressed and work to overturn the injustice and immorality of a corrupt and oppressive government visited upon upon the innocent.

    Wisconsin formerly known for its early progressive outlook is but one example.

    People like Voss, and Fitzgerald and Walker and other paid agents of the special interests and their greed to economically enslave us does not happen overnight. We must remove and replace the paid agents one by one in a period of time commensurate to the time and effort we expend.

    Steve and others, I can offer no cure-all solution, but in my almost 85 years on this earth, I can offer an old but proven piece of advise from the past.

    To alter an old saying; We must all work together or we shall all perish together. If not, progressives and liberals shall become estranged, ineffective, and in effect much like the former party of Lincoln has become.

    Amen brothers and sisters!

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